This is an Inexpensive CNC Platform



The Mostly Printed CNC

The Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC) is a platform to precisely control motion. This can easily be a milling machine, 3D router, 3D Printer, Laser Cutter, vinyl cutter you name it.


V1 Engineering

All the same precision as the MPCNC but in a larger form factor? Try the LowRider CNC.

Have a shiny new CNC and not sure what to do with it? Make a 3D printer, Milled / Printed 3D Printer (MP3DP).

Want to spice up your living room or dining room table?  Make a slick art table with the ZenXY.

If you can’t tell like to make things and share them, If you have any questions you will find me in the forums.

Not easy to make a specs page when it can have most any specs you want.

The idea behind this is to be extremely adaptable and inexpensive. Why buy a single use machine when you can have one that does it all, for less than the cost of any single machine. No proprietary hardware or software, build it any size and shape you want (more on this later), buy it from this site or source it all yourself, helpful forums, low cost, and capable. What more could you ask for?


This machine can easily do many things, how about making some coffee with Apach…(not me but I think he is my new hero).



– All axis can be any length you prefer, anything over 3 1/2′ (1M) would require small mid-span supports to increase rigidity, of course smaller is better.  The kit comes with enough belt for up to 48″ of total outer X and Y axis dimensions (eg 24″x24″, 36″x12″ or any other combination).

-The smaller you make this the faster you can move it and the more rigid/accurate it will be.

-The linear motion is ball bearings on electrical conduit (or stainless steel), seriously, easy to use and source. More information on this here. If this machine isn’t big enough I have also designed the LowRider CNC, all the same specs and resolution just designed to be bigger!



– X and Y axis are power by 2 stepper motors each, and a single stepper for the Z axis. The standard would be NEMA 17 in any torque 42 OZ/in and above (the kit come with 76 OZ/in). No need for NEMA 23’s or their required larger drivers,  torque is not one of this machines issues.



– This is all controlled by any control board you like. The Ultimachine boards are recommended for there improved design and robust safety features is preferred but you can still use the common Ramps 1.4 or any others. There are other Marlin based boards, GRBL, and regular CNC boards as well.



– There are plenty of free or really inexpensive software options available for 3D printing, CAM, and CAD. I suggest fusion 360, Repetier-host, ESTLCam, ect.



– Besides using either common imperial or metric hardware, the rest of the machine is easily 3D printable, RepRap style! Full list of hardware here, and the files for the printed parts can be had here.

– All of these things can be easily assembled with basic hand tools, no specialty tools, power tools, or precision cuts required.



-All components are easily sourced or you can buy the parts from this site. Here is a ballpark breakdown.

1 – The Bundle has all the hardware and electronics except the conduit/rails which are cheaper to source locally than to ship – $286 + shipping

2 – 20′ of Conduit (or stainless steel tubing for a little more money) ~$8.

3 – Plastic parts, filament, less than 2 spools ~$45 (Hatchbox is great for the price) If you own a 3D printer, if not buy it from here for $165.

4 – Tool. Either a Dewalt, Import spindle or an extruder (3D Printer) $60, or anything else you might want to bolt on, laser, drag knife, foam cutting needle (awesome), ect.

Total Cost well, if you have a 3D printer Under $400, ~$520 if not.


More info

To see some of the capabilities, and some interesting builds check out some videos, or the project gallery.