Inspired by the awesome Sisyphus Table by Bruce Shapiro, http://www.sisyphus-industries.com/, Zen gardens that my mom used to love, and the crazy CoreXY belting system.

This is my attempt at an easily sourced automated Zen Table.



Amazing patterns are easily possible by using Sandify.org, here it the github back end if you can make some additions https://github.com/jeffeb3/sandify, This table would be nothing without this tool! (feel free to show some appreciation for this amazing free piece of software).

Parts List

Files found here,

23.5mm OD (Common US 3/4″ Conduit) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2477901

25mm OD https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2867147

25.4mm (1″ Not common in the US) OD https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2867134


10% infill or higher, 3 perimeters.

Printed Part Name
1ZXY Motor R
1ZXY Motor L
1ZXY Corner R
1ZXY Corner L
1ZXY Roller R
1ZXY Roller L
1ZXY Center
1ZXY Belt Clamp
1ZXY Stop Block

** Substitute F or J for ZXY for the other models.




1 5A or larger power supply (optionally battery) ShopAmazon
1any control boardMRamboRamps
Magnet 1/2″ Diameter 1/2″ Tall High “N” rating
 Shop, United Nuclear
1/2″ diameter steel ball
Baking Soda (The HD version of Sand)


2Nema 17 Shop, Amazon
2GT2_16t Tooth Pulley Shop, Amazon
8GT2 16t Idler Shop, Amazon
GT2 Belt Shop, Amazon
5Cable Ties Shop, Amazon
14608 Bearings Shop, Amazon
5Bearing Spacer Shop, Amazon
2Roller Limit Switch Shop, Amazon
2X Rail
2Y Rail
8M3x15 M3x15
4SCREW 6/32 x .75″M3.5 or M4 x20
4LOCK NUT 6/32M3.5 or M4
4BOLT 5/16 x 2″M8x50
1BOLT 5/16 x 1.5″M8x40
5BOLT 5/16 x 1.25″M8x30
10Locknut 5/16″M8 Locknut

Rail Lengths

Since every table will be a different size a cut calculator is a bit difficult.

1- Y Rails. I suggest putting the outer corners into your build and measure the distance from the outer clamp loop, that gives you your Y rails lengths.

2- Y rails Square. Once you have the Y rails in place assemble the rollers and make sure the bolts heads do not hit the table as they move. Once you have this clearance established and you get the rails installed squarely by measuring the diagonals and making sure they are as equal as possible.

3- X rails. The X rails are 1/8″ shorter than the distance between the Y rails measured at the closest point.






Questions comments and concerns can be addressed most quickly for this through Github.

You can also generate patterns with your CAM software, All sorts of things can be done with a DXF and CAM. Cursive text looks great, and can score you some points with that special someone that thought you forgot about them while you were building this table…

Karl’s EstlEgg-ify

Karl’s Way allow for some custom vector graphics  to be easily drawn. Here in the Forum.


This is running coreXY belting and requires homing Y before X, as set in the firmware. You need two endstops wired Normally Closed on the X and Y. If you are facing the two steppers and looking down at them, the left one should be plugged into X the right one into Y, both plugs facing the same direction, if it does not move correctly, power down unplug and flip them both over. It is more confusing then the regular Cartesian troubleshooting.

Firmware link