Bill Of Materials

Printed Parts

There are 3 different sets of printed parts C-23.5mm, F-25mm, or J-25.4mm (1in). The measurement is for the Outside Diameter of the conduit/rails/tubing. Please measure your rails before printing. 23.5mm fits 3/4″ EMT conduit in the US. Anywhere else you must physically measure first, some things are sold as Inside Dimension (ID) (conduit), or Outside Dimension (OD) (Tubing). Bummer

Steel hardware store EMT conduit works well and is inexpensive, an upgrade would be .049″ wall thickness stainless steel tubing (or thicker is fine as well). Stainless Steel tubing is more rigid and smooth, but also much more expensive.

Recommended Print Settings; PLA for dimension accuracy (PETG is also good, if your dimensions are verified good), 2 or more perimeters for through hole strength. There are some steep walls so no more than 75% layer height to nozzle diameter.


23.5 Link
25mm Link
25.4mm Link
Total time
Grams Per Part
Total grams
4Foot 201825%LinkLinkLink2:209:2031.8127.1
2Roller M55%LinkLinkLink 5:35 11:10 90180
4RollerMount (optional Dual)
55%LinkLinkLink 3:301450200
4RollerPlate55%LinkLinkLink :10:4028
 2 XY 55%LinkLinkLink 1122 201 402
2XYZ T8 55%LinkLinkLink 5 10 71.5 143
 *1Nut Lock 55%LinkLinkLink 1:15 2:30 11 11
 *1 Spacer 55%LinkLinkLink :45 :45 10.3 10.3
 2Nut Trap 55%LinkLinkLink :55 :55 16 32
 1Tool Mount 55%LinkLinkLink 4:45 4:45 63.463.4
 1 Z-Lower 55%LinkLinkLink 2:15 2:15 35 35
1 Z-Motor 55%LinkLinkLink 2:15 2:15 31 31
1Pineapple coupler 55%LinkLinkLink 1 1 12.3 12.3
 Total Total
118:30hrs 1.8kg

My current full set prints in 91 Hrs.

*- Please see the assembly instructions for more details. T8=2 spacers and no nut lock, 5/16″ allthread needs 1 spacer and a nut lock that fits your coupling nut.

Printed Parts Changelog

4/1/18 – Optional dual plate.

3/19/18 – New foot.

5/9/17 – lead screw compatible XYZ

7/13/16 – New Rollers

5/25/16 – New middle and Z-Axis assemblies

4/24/16 – New corner assembly




Electronics/Motion Parts

Recommended electronics, you have a lot of options. I chose these specific parts for price vs. performance.

Some of these are affiliate links, you can buy from these links or just use them for information. In case you didn’t know amazon prime is free for students, and here is free 30 day trial for non students.

 1 Mini-RAMBo (or RAMBo)Amazon Or Shop
112v ≥5A power supply (cut off the barrel connector)Amazon Or Shop
1GT2 belt (4M = 24″x24″)Amazon Or Shop
4GT2 16T PulleyAmazon Or Shop
53608 2-RS BearingsAmazon Or Shop
≅18ftRails (Conduit or Stainless Steel)info, info – Cut Calculators
5Nema 17 SteppersAmazon Or Shop
1Wiring harness (Or extended your stepper plugs with Stranded Shielded 4 Wire)wiring kit, Stranded Wire
≥20Zip Ties Amazon Or Shop
Spindle Options
Best option
1Dewalt 660 (600W)Amazon
Second Choice
Spindle 300W-800W Amazon




Hardware needed.

1T8 Leadscrew and nut or 5/16-18 Threaded RodM8 Amazon or Shop
1 5/16-18 X 5M8 X 130 Amazon
 12 5/16-18 X 2.5M8 X 65 Amazon
 2 5/16-18 X 1.5M8 X 40 Amazon
28 5/16-18 X 1.25M8 X 30 Amazon
 43 5/16-18 Nylock NutsM8 Amazon
 1 5/16 x 7/8 coupling nut T8 nut as included aboveM8 X 25 Amazon
 19M3 X 10M3 X 10 Amazon
57#6-32 X.75***M3.5 X 20 Amazon
57#6-32 Nylock nuts***M3.5 Amazon

*** It is really worth it to use #6-32 here, it should be fairly easy to order some online if your local shop does not have them. The difference in the size of nuts requires some creative tightening if you don’t use #6’s.