Reply To: Oval holes



Nope That isn’t normal. Did you buy your parts from me?

Do test cuts in foam then pine, foam adds almost zero cutting drag so if you have issues you know it isn’t the material causing them, pine will give better accruacy, plywood sucks to cut for a bunch of reasons.

Lets see a few pictures of the whole machine.

From what your shown, I could say maybe belts are loose, or maybe that vac hose is pulling on your gantry. Attaching a vacuum can add a ton of drag and it looks like you have the rigid part of it still on there, it works just like a wrench extension. pulling even harder on your tool. On top of that you are using a very large tool. What kind of bit are you using, an actual end mill or a router bit? 1 flute or 2, up or down cut or flat, what approx RPM?

You speed is really far off did you type it correct? Watch some of my vids 50mm/min is about .8mm/s I cut at about 5mm deep 10k rpm, 15mm/s for ply.