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Jason, if you end up on Astromech send me a PM on there. I’m Kenny_Z on that forum.

Thank you everyone. That first machine is making lots of nice things. The frame is almost complete. Then legs and after that I’m going to test cutting styrene skins.

When it’s all said and done I’ll have another addition to the family.

My company wants to print floor plans at 1/12th scale to impress clients and to try to explain wireless signal propagation. We don’t service any places with walls taller than 8 feet but just in case I wanted a 9 inch print area. The legs are 15 inches tall because my direct boss wanted the option to put in a piece of glass with a heated bed and keep the 9 inch print area. I’m not saying I’ll never print anything taller than 9 but if I do I will definitely look into a bowden.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the angle supports I want to keep the larger printer steady and a quiet sunday with minimal office distractions.