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That is a possibility but totally not necessary, especially when wired in series. So much power, I really might sorce newer lower powered steppers so people don’t rip their machines apart, like people where doing when trying to put nema 23’s on here.

The problem for me is these are sold for all kinds of different reasons. I am pretty stuck/happy with ramps/marlin. I don’t see any deficiencies, it’s inexpensive and works for every use. Tons of users are very intimidated by flashing firmware. I have had two boards shipped back just so I could flash firmware for them, at their cost. I have to stick to well documented and versatile. I want to start sending the kits off configured a little different but really can’t until the mods have stood the test of time (at least a few months).

I am going to try and start adding a “how to” section, for different boards/settings, firmware, ect.