Wiring the Steppers

The Easy Way

IMG_20151022_112457Using this wiring kit, you really just need to plug in the motors, tape or otherwise secure the connection and go.


The other way

The stepper for the z axis just needs its wires extended. Usually you would just cut the plug and splice in some 4/24 shielded cable and be done with it.


Series –

Same amp draw as a single stepper, ideal.

Hand drawn diagram


Modified parallel harness



Twice the amp draw as parallel.

The steppers for the X and Y axis are wired in parallel, with the far motor getting one coil wired in reverse.

IMG_20151022_112559In this picture the yellow and blue are a pair/coil, and the green and red are a pair/coil. So to reverse this stepper you would wire this blue to the other yellow, and this yellow to the other blue. Do not get caught up in my colors, the position on the plug tells you what 2 wires are pairs.

STEPPER_display_large wiring

To wire in parallel you connect all the like colors and plug it into the ramps board, then on the far stepper change on pair/coil.