Finally got started on the Gallery, looking for projects I have missed made with the Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC) or the LowRider CNC, from this site or any other. Sexy cuts or just something you are proud of. Lets see it. If it’s only a video I will post it if I can get a good screenshot. Along those same lines, If I have your project up there and don’t want it there feel free to let me know.

Drop your links here, and I will add them ASAP.  The alternative is start putting them in the “Things you have made” thread here.

Gallery is here,

I have gone through all of the pics uploaded to the site (I think), but for those of you who do not use the site to host your pics and videos please, don’t be shy lets see your work. There are so many posts I cant possibly dig through all of them. Please bring them to my attention in some way, especially if it is a process or material that is not already listed.

The things that are on there now came from the things you have made thread and then I spent many many hours scrolling through all the pictures that have been uploaded to the site. I can not express the feeling I get looking through those pictures and all the amazing things you all have used my machines for.  Thank you all for coming on this ride with me. Lets all be proud and show off our accomplishments a little bit. I want to show people that are not familiar with the V1 Engineering family what we can do!