I am not an electrician, I am sure there are codes against this…..Use at your own risk, ect, ect, ect.

You can skip all this DIY if you would like to be more safe and just get one of these, or these.

This is how I made a cheapo Speed controller. No fancy face plate like PCFlyer yet, but soon!IMG_20150802_130227


This is the dimmer I chose, 600W push to power on so you can soft start your spindle and not torque the hell out of the machine.



Power cord, cut in half, electrical box, wire nuts. Wire the white wires back together (or don’t cut them in the first place). The dimmer gets wired in between the black.IMG_20150802_125522




Please use all the grounds, this might really save you. All the greens get wired together. Tuck it all back into the box carefully and make sure the wire nuts stay on.