Roller Assembly


You’ll need 2 box end wrenches and a Phillips screw driver.

IMG_20150719_160616Roller F, Roller Lock, .75 ” screws, and lock nuts.

IMG_20150719_160822Push the lock nuts, nylon down into the slots, insert screws, do not tighten yet.


IMG_20150719_160920Bearings, 1.25″ bolts, lock nuts.


IMG_20150719_161118It’s plastic…Snug not tight, if you hear it crack…too tight Hercules.


IMG_20150719_161726Bearings 2.5″ bolts.

IMG_20150719_161745Threads facing the single bolt.

IMG_20150719_160418solderless mount, 1/2″ or 5/16″ screws.




IMG_20150719_161834Add the mount.

IMG_20150719_161937Add bearings.

IMG_20150719_162004Then spacers (Speed Washers).


IMG_20150719_162028Fender washers.


IMG_20150719_162109Lock nuts. These lock nuts can controls tension on the conduit so do not snug them up until it is on the rail.

rollerNow if that wasn’t clear enough Bear Tech & Tools did a great video, he added 2 extra washers but they shouldn’t harm anything.