More details to come.

Staged rollout

1- The 25.4mm version is being released first.

2- Upgrade kits are available in the shop. The experienced people that want to update can and have the most experience with this. This way newcomer mistakes will not cloud the water, if there are any 😉 . Instructions can get updated and clarified.

3- Hardware kits. Once a few people have verified the design. Hardware kits will be released. the people buying these should have a 3D printer so just in case there are issues they can reprint something.

4- Printed parts for sale. Once we have a good number of builds in the wild I will start selling printed parts kits.

5- 25mm version can be released.

6- 23.5mm (3/4″ EMT) version. This version will be released after the 25mm has been verified.


Fully released!!!!!



Every single part has changed.

Easier to build.

More rigid (faster, more accurate).

You are able to use the Burly Tool Mounts if you want to use an older mount as well. You only need to swap to the Burly toolmount and nut traps.





Fun stuff