Released the new roller assemblies. Less print time, a lot more rigid no motor mount flex, no more washers, more mostly printed. The only thing left on this machine will be the feet, maybe.





Major Update

Some of you may know but a big machine update was just released to thingiverse. I had many very patient beta testers for these parts, and things seem to be going very smooth because of them, thanks to you all for the help in making this machine even better!

This is a new center assembly and Z-Axis. This will fit with whatever corners or rollers you are using. If you are updating both the middle assembly and the Z axis need to be replaced together, the old center ans Z parts won’t work with the new parts.

Any of you that have made a tool mount or a part that won’t work any more I ask that you mark your parts -old- as to help with confusion until a better way is found, and tag any with MPCNC 525 that fit the new parts.


All new tool mounts will be needed, I have posted a blank to make that as easy as possible, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:805803


Tool mounts will fit all three machines.

More rigid! Faster milling , more accurate parts.

Less print time.