Let me start with, Mark, Thank you for this nice article.

I received an email pointing me towards this article and a few other details. I was told Moebeast was at flight fest east and not only brought the MPCNC foam cutter edition along but helped in the build area tirelessly answering questions helping out and generally helping to add to the positive reputation of the MPCNC and our users community. I am not smooth with my words but, thank you for being a stand up guy and I am proud to have you as a MPCNC owner. If you have a need for anything let me know if I can help.

Behind the scenes toiling away endlessly creating in his secret lab,djk4linux, was the seed for all these cool foam cutters and there popularity. As far as I know David rarely takes to the sky yet has made it possible for countless pilots to rebuild there broken planes with a quickness. David buddy, high five!