• I haven’t actually cut any due to the second thing Ryan posted (raw sheets costing as much or more as pre-cut parts) but did have a friend who was doing it on an inventables machine a few years ago.  He found that it eats bits like nothing else, he would get 2 maybe 3 small frames cut per bit before the cut quality went down quick.  He also d…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Archim 2 LCD fix in the forum Updates 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Nice.  I still need to get this original archim working with Marlin 2.0.  Just been too busy to make the changes to the code that it needs 🙁  I Spent the last 3 weeks working on my truck (which meant riding my bike to work, which I swear is uphill both ways) tackling what I thought was a small coolant leak but escalated rapidly to the point of pu…[Read more]

  • I used my dremel when I first got my MPCNC up and going….I regret that decision to this day.

    The dremel is terribly underpowered for use as a spindle.  Even at VERY slow speeds I wound up burning out the brushes and damaging the dremel physically (the bushings/bearings they use are a joke – mine is now nice and wobbly.)

    A cut that took me…[Read more]

  • My first thought would be to check that your extrusion steps are calibrated correctly.  Speed could explain that but it looks to me like it may be under extruding.  Here’s a writeup on how to check extrusion calibration:




  • Neat solution.  I still like my shower curtain hooks:

    It’s not very sexy…but it’s dirt cheap <$2 IIRC and I have enough to do 2 or 3 other machines.  Adding/removing wires is super quick and easy, no dust builds up.  It does a great job keeping the wires off the worktable and out of the way.

  • Most of the marlin devs are using PlatformIO instead of arduino now – so in the 2.0 branch especially things are breaking on Arduino and not getting patched up right away.  At least until they officially release 2.0 it’s probably best to use PlatformIO to build it instead of Arduino – or be ready for issues.

    The long filename issue one they’re…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Klipper in the forum Software Development 4 months, 1 week ago

    Along somewhat similar lines…some work in progress on something for Marlin:


    Basically allows more direct access to the steppers and using an external planner instead of letting Marlin do all of the work.  The guy working on it has been busy the past few months but recently indicated he hasn’t…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I have a background in photography and graphic design (even though I work day to day as a sysadmin/coder) and can think of a LOT of things I could do to improve the results.

    But I didn’t have time to open an image editor and do any of them so I just picked a few things that looked like they may have decent enough subject matter that it…[Read more]

  • Actually…I guess with color it’s possible to kind of see how it relates to the original:


    I tried varying the T  “Threshold to create a new stroke” by dropping it from the default 10 down to 5 and then again to 2…but both only resulted in one additional stroke so no not much more detail.  I also tried increasing it to 15 and d…[Read more]

  • I gave it a go last night….first image I sent through it was apparently too complex/muddled as the resulting gcode looks like spaghetti 😀  I need to find a more appropriate image to test it with.

    One little thing I ran into is that PIL is apparently no longer supported, but pillow seems to work as a replacement (then again maybe that’s why I…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Table plans in the forum Advice – LowRider 4 months, 1 week ago

    So glad to hear I’m not the only one who does that 🙂


  • I originally built mine as 24″x24″ on a single piece of 3/4″ particleboard with no other support.  This was just a “test build” before I expanded it to my final size of 34″x48″ so I could easily fit 20″x30″ sheets of foam board.

    I REALLY liked it as a 24″x24″ machine.  I built it on our dining room table, so I had to move it every night for d…[Read more]

  • Jason replied to the topic Klipper in the forum Software Development 4 months, 1 week ago

    2.0 is a big improvement IMHO – the flat file structure of 1.x drives me crazy…but like so many projects was forced on them by arduino limitations for a long time.

    That said…the ifdefs in marlin are totally driving me crazy right now.  I’m trying to get 2.0 going on the archim I won from Ryan – I’ve got it most of the way there.  The one p…[Read more]

  • Looks like Marlin is going to be getting multiple coordinate systems:


    There’s still the queuing to contend with…but that’s one of the big things Marlin lacks for Milling now coming into play.  So that’s nice to see.

  • I keep hoping something MPCNC will show up in Make…I’ve been a subscriber since they announced Make but honestly the last year or two I’ve been thinking about letting my subscription lapse.  Just seems like they’re losing their focus and more and more focusing on things you can buy as a maker instead of things you can make 🙁

    I suspect that…[Read more]

  • Searching for “line art” or “line art svg” or “vector line art” along with what you’d like images of will usually find stuff.

    There are also some things on thingiverse – search for “laser” or “plotter” or “cnc” and you may find some interesting projects.

    There’s also openbuilds – their projects section:  https://openbuilds.com/projects/

    And I…[Read more]

  • Hmm, I wonder if that’s what happened on my drag knife test.  It was when it went to do a curved corner that it crashed.  I keep forgetting to look at the gcode and see what it was trying to do at that point….

  • I love estlcam…but I still use the jtech inkscape plugin for the laser.  Just seems “easier” for me that way and I’m happy with the results it gives.

    Be sure to try some air assist, you’ll be amazed at how much even a little bit of air does to clean up the cut quality and improve the penetration!

  • I used GRBL on my first little test machine I built a few years back out of some DVD/CD drive components.  My biggest complaint were the various gcode senders all seemed flaky and unreliable.  Though that was a few years ago and I didn’t find bCNC so things may have improved on that front.

    That said, the reasons I run Marlin on my MPCNC are:

    [Read more]

  • On the upside…sounds like thinkyhead is looking to merge your changes today!  So hopefully this code will be officially an official part of Marlin REAL soon 😀


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