• This does not answer the original question, but I saw this interesting sand etch starter kit at Hobby Lobby recently.  With a google search I found another etching solution at Home Depot, but the home depot version uses chemicals & not…[Read more]

  • I have become interested in these RGB light strips in the last few weeks.  My idea started off with making an EMDR Light bar for some self therapy.  It is essentially a light moving back & forth along 24 or 25 LEDs.  I got that pattern pretty much the way I want it.  Just have to tweak it some & be able to adjust the speed.  Anyway after playi…[Read more]

  • I was going through and cleaning out some my old IE favorites & came across my group of Wind Chime favorites.  Do you have some extra EMT you are wondering what to do with?  Check these several pages out for making wind chimes from EMT, copper or other metal pipe.  The 1st link has the most detail on using other pipes beside copper.  The last lin…[Read more]

  • I finally got around to recreating my octoprint install on an 8gb micro SD card and ran that read only script after getting it the way I wanted it.  I pointed the octoprint folders to the USB drive and also created a symbolic link file for the history.db file that the print history plugin uses.  I was not sure the symbolic link file would work, bu…[Read more]

  • If you really want to get adventurous you can try the klippy firmware.  I did not play around with it enough to get any better prints than with Marlin, but there seems to be quite a few folks getting better & faster prints with it.  That firmware will slowly accelerate and decelerate.  If you can get the settings right it should get rid of th…[Read more]

  • geodave replied to the topic Tight fit in the forum Random or Off Topic 1 month ago

    You had brought my attention to klipper firmware awhile back.  Have you tried that yet?  I see he recently added a generic config for Rambo-mini.  There is a branch for a Z-probe, but I do not use bed leveling so I have not tried it.  I used that firmware for a week or so, but went back to Marlin for now.

  • Every since I found using imagex from a bootable Windows PE disk, I have never had problems moving a Windows bootable C: drive to another disk.  It creates a single .wim file which I can also use 7-zip to extract individual files or folders from that I want to restore or restore the whole disk.  I use that on Windows 7.  Imagex has been repla…[Read more]

  • Sounds like the best & simplest choice is to reinstall a fresh copy.  Thanks for the advice.

  • I got my weather cam working pretty good. I wanted a little more flexibility with the install, so I installed the motioneye on top of Raspbian using this method.
    I even have it so my brother can see a live view of my bird feeder. He might even see one our white squirrels once they…[Read more]

  • I finally got around to uploading my remix of this to fit the Bosch Quick Release mount.  It can be found here:

    I will not be able to actually test this until we get warmer weather.

  • I am considering using a raspberry pi for weather underground webcam.  Does anyone have some suggestions for the best way to do this?  WU only uses single images, so I do not need video although it might be nice to have live video.  I am thinking of pointing it at the bird feeder also, so my brother a state away can see what kind of birds we ha…[Read more]

  • That looks like an interesting place, but they do not have a location near me in Western NC.  I probably should just order several from Amazon sometime.  They have some 8gb Sandisk Ultra Class 10 for $6.99.

  • I do not have a current backup of my Octoprint, so with all this talk about it, I am making an image backup of mine now.  Does anyone have a link for a good priced 4gb or 8gb micro SD card for the pi?  Seems like the 16gb versions are always the best price point when I am looking for one.

  • I just came across this page that talks about sd cards that have wear leveling feature.  It does not write to the same spot on the card all the time, so it spreads the wear over the whole card. I can not see where this is in any specs I have seen for micro SD…[Read more]

  • Here is an openscad customizable I designed.  Should work with either LCD2004 or the graphics LCD.  If you try it, print the faceplate 1st as all faceplates do not seem to fit the same & some people have had problems using their LCD graphic display.  I was using the LCD2004, so did not have an LCD graphic display to go by. There is a version fo…[Read more]

  • I got a little sidetracked & went a little overboard with customizing variables for this little clip clamp.  Hope I did not get too far off topic here.  I am not sure it will be strong enough to replace the screws in this design, but should have some other uses.  Here is an example image showing most of the possible variations in the design.  The…[Read more]

  • I came up with a clip clamp along this idea which looks like it will work.  I need to make the diameter a little bigger to get more strength, but 1st test seemed pretty good.  I made it 8 sided so it would print well. Here are 2 pictures & a dimensioned part.  I made the design with 5 customizable dimensions.  I have not put it on thingiverse yet.…[Read more]

  • After changing the design of the cutter holder to match the Husky utility blade profile, I was starting to think about a better way to hold the blade in place & be able to change it without taking 1 or 2 screws out. In the middle of the night I realized a binder clip might work for this.  If I make some recesses in the plastic on the bottom & the…[Read more]

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    Thanks for the links.  I like that carmichaelworkshop table idea & had not seen that before. I could tell you the height of my MPCNC, but I am using the original design and not the latest 525 design and I do not remember the Z depth I have.  It might be better for you to build the machine before building the table as that will give you pretty a…[Read more]

  • geodave replied to the topic New Build In Florida in the forum Advice – MPCNC 2 months ago

    I plan on building a fold up table for the garage (I have a design). quote]

    I would be interested to see what you come up with for a fold up table.  I would like to change mine to some fold up table design.  My 4’x3′ table in the middle of my 10’x12′ shed makes it difficult to move around in there sometimes, especially since I have about 2′ s…[Read more]

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