Update #2- HaHA what kind of idiot changes a live site!….Don’t mind the mess. I just had to start doing it or it would never get done. I think everything is working minus 1 video. I will keep going with the changes for the next few days…or until I get tired of it.

It is a little ugly on boring now but hopefully I can get things looking a little more polished over the next few days. It is fast though, and super easy on the server, disabled a ton of plugins. Fingers crossed the is the end of it for a while.


Update #1-Well I went to the highest tier siteground offers. We kept slamming the current server.  So when we didn’t go over the usage things were pretty fast on the site, but when we went over we got throttled for a while until the daily stats reset…even if it was a DNS attack and nothing to do with the users. We are averaging about 5,000 page views, and about 1250 sessions a day and slowly rising.

So the new server has 1/4th the sites on it and we are allocated more CPU and memory. 1/4th the sites, but does that mean they are higher traffic sites? I never trust marketing jargon….

I thought moving the shopping cart off the server and using shopify would help, not too much, as the sites traffic keeps going up. So moving the cart off just got offset by more active users. Seems kinda odd the forum doesn’t seem as active as a few months ago but the stats say otherwise. Either way the new hosting comes with staging so now I can finally change the sites theme. Any suggestions? So far I have a demo of Avada to try out. I am looking for speed so Avada might be a little too hefty but I will try it out. I’m not a big fan of all the sliders and stuff, I want lean, mean, and clean. Or even any sites that have a store and are informational that I could learn a thing or two from?

Sales are down, especially because of the time of year, they should be much higher. So spread the word if you can.

Still cranking on the full sheet machine (the printrbot crawlbot inspired and approved full sheet cnc), I only have 2 small parts left to go before I can test it. Pretty much the equivalent of the MPCNC’s nut lock and corner top. If it works well all the parts will need to be finalized and then make the second version. I am starting with the 25.4mm going smaller should be easier when I make the 25mm. A little info here, but I will need to move it to its own thread as soon as I have some results to share.


Comments? https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/lil-update-another-server-upgrade/