Update 1/1/2017 – Solved!!! – Looks like I have been registered on the service and now my “reports” have been pre-authorized or verified. Now if I┬ámake a report things get taken down quickly. This is better than nothing but the verification process should not take so much work and international phone calls to sort out 17 days of sales since I started the process before the first post was removed.

I believe this all started 12/11/16. I have been finding the mpcnc kits for sale on MercadoLibre.com, these kits even use our pictures, meaning from this┬ásite, thingiverse, and some of your user builds pics from the forums. MercadoLibre.com it is South America’s ebay (for some time ebay even owned a large share of it, I think I know why they sold there shares). I have asked many time for the posts to be taken down. I have been getting the run around and have had contact with several “pppi” specialists, tech supports, and two of there ISP’s. I have been lied to (“we only recognize Argentina issued patents”) and ignored ( I have asked every single person up to 5 times whom there ISP is).

To give you some idea how bad this is I have had ebay take down a posting before and it is dealt with in hours…with very little effort and 1 email.

We found a few guys re-branding the parts and selling them on their own websites, facebook, and youtube. One email to them and they stopped. Seems really crappy when a huge company is protecting these obvious pirates. I have emailed two Creative Commons lawyers and have had no response yet. Come January 2nd if this is still going on I will find one that is willing to take this on. Who knows how many kits this site has moved but I can only imagine they are making money or they would not be protecting them. Any questions/comments/advice would be appreciated at the link below.


The updated list, please let me know if you find any more anywhere in the world.


15 sales-


21 sales-