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    Ed Roberts

    Okay, First disclaimer: My ‘Y’ plates are 1/2 mdf hand cut with a traced template. With stepper power off I can hand crank the ‘Z’ screws pretty easily and get movement on both sides.  With motors powered the near side moves well and the far side will go down. Upping the Z power from 900 to 1200 (100 at a time and testing) resolves the issue.

    I plan to mill new Y plates as on of the first jobs, but is 1200 too high for the rambo mini





    They should fall under the weight of the gantry when they aren’t powered. Make sure the leadscrew and nut are aligned, the leadscrew is lubricated, and the Z tubes are parallel and aligned with their rollers.

    At 1200mA, you should put a fan on the drivers (That’s my experience, not from any spec sheet) and if you don’t then after a while they will shut down from the heat. The motors also will get warmer, which may or may not matter, but they can heat the mounts up enough to warp them. It depends on the motors.

    It’s possible, yes, but it’s probably indicative of something else being wrong.

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