Z axis only moves down

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    Let me start by saying this is absolutely a mechanical problem, not an electrical one. When not connected to the middle assembly, the z-axis stepper motor turns easily in both directions, so I know the electronics on my mini-rambo are fine.

    When it is connected to the middle assembly, it’ll only turn in the down direction. There’s a lot of grinding noises like it’s having trouble turning, but I don’t know what else could be binding up. I’ve taken the entire assembly apart twice, I’ve greased the lead screw, and all of the fasteners marked “leave fairly loose” are as loose as I can get them while still engaging the nylon. Are there any obvious places that could bind up the whole mess?



    I forget what the coupler is called.  Pineapple coupler?  The thing that holds the Leadscrew onto the stepper motor.  I have seen that slip before and cause behavior like you are describing.  Check that.  Is the motor actually spinning but the leadscrew holding still?



    Can we get some pictures?  A whole middle assembly shot, and then a couple up close shots of the coupler, and the bearings would be awesome.



    Or possibly a video? Please.


    Dakota Jim

    Are you using the T8 leadscrew and nut like what comes in the hardware kit? I had to doing some adjusting on the nut due to binding (snug but not too tight or loose). No extras on the tool mount like vacuum hoses or full size router? If using the T8 are you using the metal coupler and not the plastic couplers?



    You guys are the best. I am finally catching up on emails and I see all of you with my intended reply’s, ahahahah, awesome.


    Deep Fried Heroin

    Not sure if this was solved, but I experienced the same problem. My solution was to plug into the second z-axis.

    Haven’t gotten the machine up and running yet, so I can’t speak to why, unless this is intended.

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