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    Hello Gents.

    I am planning on switching to using linuxcnc and a mesa cars and breakout board with some other drivers to get experience with linuxcnc. Drivers would no longer be mounted on the yplate like with the Rambo.

    I was wondering if there are issues with mounting the motor for the y axis on the table and using a looped belt connected to the y plate instead of a stationary belt and motor on the y plate.

    I see advantages in wiring as it was designed using a marlin controller not Ted on the gantry. But with linuxcnc and the controller now stationary and tethered, having the motors mounted on the table would make wiring easy and stationary for those two motors.

    My question is about the physics of using a 10mm belt in a loop over 8′ long?




    Well, the biggest issue is the increase in load on the stepper shaft. I feel if you want to do this you should support the shaft at the minimum. The rest, who knows maybe the lower mass will offset the belt increase.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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