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    Tim Ross

    Hi! I’ve been printing 3D files for MPCNC about 2-3 days and ran into an issue. The XY_C_Burly 3D file shows that it will take about 11 hours to print, but I keep getting this offset in the print. I’ve tried it twice. (I’m relatively new to 3D printing also). I’m using a Creality CR10S Pro, with Cura, and settings at “Normal” and 65% infil. The print appears normal in Cura (no offset appears). It also appears to be set at the correct level. I don’t want to spend 11 hours printing a defective part, so I’ve stopped the print twice. Advice appreciated. Pictures attached ./tim



    Its more likely a printer issue that that specific file. To verify you could running another part to see if it occurs at the same Z height.

    Check to make sure that your X and Y axis are smooth and not binding anywhere.

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    Tim Ross

    Thanks. I’m printing other parts just fine. I will continue to print other parts and try this again later. At first I thought that the printer had just bound up on a stray piece of plastic, but it happened twice on the same part. Other parts are printing now and printing just fine. I may download the XY part again and try it again from the top.



    Every time I have seen this it was caused by the hardware in some way.

    It could be caused by:

    • A loose motor wire that is losing connection.
    • A wire or cable that is getting tangled or snagged during movement.
    • A physical obstruction that is blocking movement
    • The nozzle could be getting stuck on the printed part (especially if it is warping or curling.)
    • A power hiccup (brown out, loose power cable etc.)
    • A gremlin in the machine
    • A problem with top speed of the machine.  (This usually happens on long straight parts.  The printer can accelerate up to full speed and skip steps for several reasons.)

    Sadly you just have to watch and see what happens when it does happen.  A video recording might help.  When you do try to print this piece again try rotating the piece and printing it slower.  Take note if it ever happens again what direction the offset is.  Is it always in the same direction?

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    Mike Pensinger

    Mine was from the x axis getting hung up on the wire harness.

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    Tim Ross

    Problem fixed! I downloaded version 4.0 of Cura, resliced the file, then ran it at 50% instead of 100, and at 210 degrees instead of 200, and it printed great. It took over 18 hours to print, but it finished and looked great. Now the bad news, as I was pressing buttons at the end of the print, I must have clicked the auto-home on my Creality CR10S-Pro and it rammed into the newly printed part. the part survived but my printer’s extruder was knocked way out of calibration. I managed to turn off the machine before it broke anything. I finally got it printing again about an hour ago and it is starting the print. I’ll check and see how it’s going in the morning. I’ve already installed bearings in other pieces and I only have 2-3 pieces left to print. I’m new to 3D printing and this is my first project. Learning much along the way. Thanks again for all the help.


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