X & Y calibration.

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    Hi to all!

    I have a Chinese version of mpcnc but i cant calibrate it well.

    I use :

    16 Teeth 2GT Timing Pulley with GT2 Belt 2GT Timing Belt 6mm and nema 17 steppers with EstlCam latest version.

    My problem is that i am getting larger items . What i mean … For ex. Y cut 70mm went 78 and z cut 39 mm went 41

    I know that something is wrong in machine settings in Estlcam  but i can’t find it.

    In the other side z axis is ok.


    I want to ask you some help.

    Thanks for your time.


    Drivers: Drv8825 For RAMPS
    Firmware: Latest from here for MPCNC
    Board: Keyestudio MEGA 2560 R3 and RAMPS 1.4



    Chinese version?

    What drivers and what firmware on what board?

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    Hello! I made an edit on my first post with the info . Thank you



    Your axis are moving at two different rates, that should not be possible.

    Try again using a pen to plot something larger at least a 100mm square.

    The information you have given does not point to any problems but you also haven;t actually given much info.

    Try counting the pulley teeth to verify what you have is what you bought. Use this page to verify the movements if you have to, https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/software/

    Is 50mm really 50mm?




    i made setup again with estlcam , now works great. ~0 mm in 100mm . Thank you!




    Cool, glad to hear it.

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