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    John Pollman

    Hi folks!

    It’s probably too late, but what’s the average work height of these machines. I’ve already got my part printed and I’m about 75% done with the assembly, but I started thinking about my work height. The dimensions I decided on are 36″-X, 24″-Y, and 4″ work height. At first, I thought that work height was the maximum height of the workpiece. But not I’m thinking that it’s the spindle travel. 4″ is probably fine, but what’s the average work height that you use? If I did decide to change it, NOW is the time. LOL


    Mike Atencio

    I’m exactly where you’re at. Here’s something I learned from a YouTube video.  You can cut a hole in the center of your table and lower it for a larger (taller Z) piece and keep the Z cut at 3″ suggested max height.

    I want to carve 6×6 bed posts but that’s not going to come out good at that height.  Lowering the piece 3″ makes it possible  to carve with no issues.

    Search “Someoldguycoding on YouTube he built both a Lowrider and MPCNC.


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    Agreed. Much easier to either build a table with an adjustable bed, of just build the bed 6-8″ and shim/stack up your material. Keeping the legs and Z axis short will greatly improve speed and accuracy of the CNC. 3″ is way more than enough I think the longest bit I own has a cutting depth of 1.25″ so really I only need that plus a little.

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    John Pollman

    Thanks, guys. I think I’ll shorten my work height to 3″ before I do any more assembly. Better to do it now than later. 🙂


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