WIRING Woes! 6 wire to ramps 1.4-6?

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    Alright, i finally pulled over to ask for directions. After 2 wasted days, 2 long nights drinking away my wasted days,  3 arduinos that no longer respond when plugged into a computer but look like they are hunkey dorey, 2 ramps 1.4 boards that let out magic smoke…I have to just do it.

    Does anyone have a simple way of wiring these damn stepper motors in a series. Steppers all have been tested on the z axis, and work perfectly fine.


    By simple i mean….take motor 1 wire b2 wire it to blah blah…

    • PIN1= B-
    • COMMON
    • PIN3= B
    • PIN4= A
    • COMMON
    • PIN6= A-

    For some reason my head will not compute that into a working x and y axis, and now my screen is a just out of contrast and can only be used at an angle of 175 degrees (to your eyes). I am normally good at this shit, but wtf i cannot seem to put a square peg in a square hole anymore.



    I think you need

    ramps pin 1 from to stepper 1 B-

    stepper 1 B+ to stepper 2 B-

    Stepper 1 A+ to ramps pin 2

    stepper 1 A- to stepper 2 A-

    stepper 2 A+ to ramps pin 4

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    I’ll give it a shot.  First, ignore the commons.  I’ll assume your motors are all wired the same way and use the convention you have above (M1P1 = motor 1, pin 1).  There are four pins on the ramps board (call them R1, R2, R3, R4) – the order doesn’t really matter because you can just reverse the connector to change 4 to 1 and 3 to 2.  Here’s how I’d wire it for series:

    1. R1 to M1P1
    2. M1P3 to M2P4
    3. M2P6 to R2
    4. R3 to M1P4
    5. M1P6 to M2P1
    6. M2P3 to R4

    Hope this helpsseries-wiring-dwg

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    I finally got it all wired up and it is alive. I finally realized that the only thing keeping it from working was the bottle of Bacardi that was keeping me company while attempting to finish this up. Thanks to all who attempted to console me and stop my tears.

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