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    There have been a few threads recently where people have been confused regarding 1″ (or 3/4″) pipe and 1″ tube. The FAQ (combined MPCNC/LR2) mentions this a little bit, but could probably stand to have a little more detail. Even just a note about 1.050″ OD pipe specifically (since that is the most common “almost 1-inch” pipe available in home improvement stores) would be helpful if nothing else.

    Also, FAQ only recommends a wall thickness for MPCNC builds (.049″) but doesn’t say anything about LR2 (and if you are reading quick you may just see “We use either steel EMT conduit (sold by ID), or stainless steel tubes (sold by OD. 0.049″ wall thickness seems to be the sweet spot…” and skip over the “for the MPCNC” at the end.

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