Troubles with z-probe

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    hi guys
    some time ago i had made z-probe. I took a piece of cable that I already had approx 1.2-1.4m long (my work area is 400×600).
    And it seems that it too much weak from EMI.
    When I connected signal wire to the bit and ground to the plate it was not work at all. Then I twisted connector on the ramps, so now the plate connected to signal and the bit to ground. Usualy it works, but time by time it still make wrong detections, especially when I try to hold the plate with finger (usualy i do it in rubber gloves).
    As I remember pullup resistor was enabled in the firmware.
    So what I’m going to do – to take 70cm 3 wires cable, make a curcuit on the end of it (near to probe) with explicit 5-10K pullup and maybe small capacitor (~100-1000nf) between signal and ground. Then attach 20-40cm cable with probe to the curcuit.
    Had you same issues and how you solved them?



    First thing I would do is cut down the length, there is no need to have it triple your longest axis.

    When you are done setting the height make sure nothing is touching it.



    i think that i have solved the issue. i bought reprap endstop board, got out the switch and soldered  short z-probe wires. now it’s nice to see that the bit touched plate by flashing of the led




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