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    Has anyone tried to duplicate the Makers Guide – Triple edge finder,, for the MPCNC.  Basically a touch plate to find the corner of a work piece but works with tapered and v bits.  I already have the z touch plate but I am thinking of adding x and y but when using tapered/vbits it will not work.  I do have an equation to calculate the center of a circle by probing three edges, but I do not know if I can get Marlin to execute the probing and do the math during run time.  If someone has tried it or has an alternative suggestion that would be great.


    Tim W

    I have used a 1mm end mill to do edge finding for tapered bits then change back and do the z with the tapered bit haven’t tried to get that fancy yet would like to see what you come up with.     I only used the 1mm because it was there any straight sided mill would have worked

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    What are you using to control your machine?

    If your controller software offers some kind of macro, you could create a custom homing task.

    Home using the X,Y,Z touch plate, then automatically apply the X,Y offsets for your vbit using a G92 command.

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