TMC2130 experiments

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    You base is great….really firms the frame and great when I have to move the machine



    Hi everyone. Does anyone know how – if possible – to use the tmc2130 on a CNC shield?


    I mean ,where do  wire the 4 pins facing up ? I have been using the standar a4988 drivers and I’d like to try something new

    (I’m an absolute beginner..)




    The arduino needs to send messages via those pins (spi). Grbl doesn’t support that, AFAIK. Do unless you want to write the code, you’re out of luck.



    Well over a year old, however, there seems to be new versions of the TMC2130 drivers which got most, if not all of the soldering work already done, like this one on Aliexpress,  , or did I miss something?

    As I read most of you don’t use the “smart homing” on the Z-Axis, to avoid crashing into the bed. Was thinking to put kinda of mechanical end stops there, but I suppose with the relatively short distances of the Z-Axis, the TMC2130 would just be waste of money. So my guess a much more simpler Driver than the 8825 would be enough, same goes for the Extruder I guess.

    One final question, I’m thinking to use the MKS gen V1.4, how about the Z-Axis, Is it common practices to just wire the 2 Z-Axis Steppers in parallel, or would it be better to use the 5th slot and wire the Z-Axis separately?

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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