tension when inserting the rail : how much ?

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    Hi there !

    I’m working on the base assembly, and I am at this step :

    Put all the rollers on their rails and make sure they all slide equally well. There should be tension when inserting the rail and all the bearings should touch.

    I don’t know how to interpret this sentence.

    The tension is not the same for my 4 rails. All bearings touch the rails, and when I turn a bearing the roller will slide along the rail. Some rollers can rotate around the rail, some can’t.

    For one of them it’s more difficult to engage the rail, as if the bearings were misaligned. The roller is then slightly more difficult to slide. When I remove it from the rail, I feel the roller returning to its original shape like a spring. Other rollers just slide out gently. I tested with other rails, it comes from the roller.

    Can you tell me what is the desired behavior ? And how I can adjust the tension to obtain this behavior ?

    Thank you,




    Loosen all the tension bolts as far as they will go. Put the rollers on, if all the bearings are not touching something is wrong. I feel like you might be over analyzing it, my gut says if the tension bolts are loose you will be fine.

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    Thank you Ryan,

    You feel right, I am the kind of guy who always over analyse things. I feel more comfortable when I know exactly what feedback I should expect before doing things.

    I managed to obtain comparable tension for the 4 rollers by playing with the bolts. I moved on to z-axis assembly.

    Again, thank you for your help, I appreciate the time you invest in this community.

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