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    Hi all,


    I hope you all had a good weekend first of all.

    Im trying to run a file right now and Im having issues maintaining full connection. The CNC is completely responsive to every command I can give it in repetier but when I load a gcode and send it on its way, everything gets really laggy to the point it will time out and Id have to start it over again. Im using a macbook and have the baud rate set to 250000 and 256000 (I change it and have the same results) and Ive tried switching to 115200 (ive seen macbook users having better luck in this regime) and still no joy. I also tried everything with ping-pong connection on.


    Where am I going wrong?



    The board’s firmware dictates the baud rate, If you are using my firmware it is 250000, you can change it if needed but it needs to match, just changing it in repetier does nothing, and I kind of can’t believe it works.

    The other factor is your Gcode, does my crown gcode work or have issues? You can have the resolution up to a ridiculous level and be swamping the connection.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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