stepper motor wires, should I cut?

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    Hello all,

    I am just finishing my build and am wondering what others have done with the wires that come off the stepper motors themselves.

    I have the wiring harness that comes in the kit and I wrapped it with 1/4″ sleeving.  it looks great and it reached all the stepper motors without any additional wire needed.

    I have a dupont crimper and wire stripper coming and am wondering if it is recommended to cut the wires to the length I want.  Or if I should sleeve the stepper motor wires and feed them into some kind of cable chain.



    It is what I had planned to do until the DuPont connector kit got lost in shipping. I ended up trimming cutting them and splicing a length of shielded wire into the length and then then used the motor connectors for plugging into the board.

    I wanted to get a bigger build so I didn’t get the standard wire harness. Also was a little confused about the series parallel thing.

    I’d eliminate the loops in the middle. I don’t know enough about electronics to give a good reason for or against, but from a neatness and aesthetic point of  view, it would be better.


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