Somewhat lost about how to set home and start points?? W/ Dual endstops

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    K Cummins

    One more thing to note… Endstops don’t stop the machine at the end of it’s travel. They are only used for homing without quite a bit of modifying the firmware.

    Keerect-amundo! You can set “soft endstops” in the firmware that will prevent it from moving outside of the defined bed space, but those are really only useful if you are using the homing endstops so that the system knows where the X/Y origin is for the machine. Otherwise, it’s SOP to lie to your machine about where the origin is. At least, it can’t shouldn’t trust you. But with hardware endstops giving it the origin, it kinda has to go out on a limb and trust that you provided the correct bed size. In fact, I believe they are enabled by default with the dual endstops (DE), since that’s pretty much their raison d’entedre… Also why you can’t go into “negative space” when using DE.

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    In regards to going negative. Can you start your zero in the cam software in the middle of the part if you set you G92 there as well? Or will it not go into the negative?

    Sometimes its easier to start in the center but not the end of the world.



    That is not the same. With dual endstops “home” is at the endstops, Zero is where ever you want it. You can even use workspace offsets. When you need to use it it will make sense. You just can not go past your endstops.



    So im not sure if this is the correct way to use the endstops but I have a simple 90 degree fixture to lock a corner of the work piece in and set up the end stops to basically home right on the corner on work piece from that which would be my zero. If that makes any sense for a repeatable zero start point on the lower left corner of my wood.



Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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