Solar House Numbers

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    Dave Gun

    Here is a little project I used my MPCNC for. I have an old gas yard light I changed over to electric many years ago and I hang my house number from this lamp. I updated my sign to a solar lighted sign.

    The house number were cut out of black HDPE with my MPCNC, one for each side. Under this I put a thin piece of white translucent plastic and in the center clear acrylic. It’ all framed in aluminum U channel. I mounted 3 90 cent solar yard lights above each number. The solar lights “edge light” the Lexan and illuminate the sign after dark.

    At first the numbers didn’t illuminate very well at night. I made horizontal scratches in the acrylic with a piece of rough sandpaper behind the numbers and this did the trick.

    Attached are some pictures.




    Very nice!



    Slick, I like it!


    Scott McCray

    Filed this idea away for future use – très cool!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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