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    Hi All, we have recently had some pretty spectacular floods over here in usually sunny QLD (Aus), and it has wiped out all my stock etc, which I was using to build my table. But it did bring me to an idea, but I am not sure of the potential flaws of the idea, so I thought I would ask.

    My house is 2 storys, where the entire bottom floor is a workshop essentially, not a massive area, but big enough, I originally planned of replacing my old workbench with a full sheet CNC table for the lowrider, and throw on some scrap materials when I needed it for a workbench.

    Since these floods, I was wondering what are the disadvantages I might face, if I was to build a torsion box alone, with some extended X rails, and pulleys, to allow me to lower it into position when in use, and raise it when no longer needed, this would allow me to build a simple fold out workbench on the wall below it.

    Obviously it swinging about while cutting would be the major issue, my thought there was the use the 2 support posts for my house, as a kind of anchor point once lowered into place, a bold through each side to hold it against those posts, should stop the swinging.

    Let me know if you think its a stupid idea, or if you have ideas on how to improve upon it, etc? It’s just a thought at this time, as I clean up and begin to make space and buy new materials.





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