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    James Schubert

    I have mine set to 1/32 stepping and left the limit switches to three vilts. I think the reason you can set it to 5 volts is if you are using 5volt powered endstops.



    I published the MKS SBASE enclosure I customized on thingiverse. You could actually use this for most any electronics board by adjusting some variables in the openscad files.



    Which is the best firmware to use for this Gowoops MKS SBASE V1.3 board.

    The firmware listed here:

    or the firmware from direct from Smoothie.

    That instructables article on the MKS SBASE board recommends using the one from Smoothie.


    James Schubert

    I am personally using the one linked on osoyoo’s site. No issues with it, yet.



    I diffed those 2 firmware’s & they are actually the same.

    After a few tries, I finally got it to move the motors in the correct direction & have the jumper J3 set to the 1/32 steps. I used Ryan’s config.sys. I still seem to have some hiccups in the communication between the MKS SBASE board & my laptop because the Repetier host is sometimes timing out connecting. I hooked a network cable between my laptop running Windows 7 & the board, hardcoding for the network card on the computer & hardcoding in the config.sys file, I tried bringing up the web interface using It brings up the interface, but it does not seem to work. I see there is a way to put that interface on the SD card & I might try that tomorrow. Looking at the video on this page, looks like that might create a better web interface.

    I was using IE11 for web access, so I might try firefox with it tomorrow. Looks like this board is going to work well. I just need to get past these minor problems.



    I got the web interface working today. I used a different laptop, so that might have been my issue. Here are a couple of photos of how I have it wired up. The little plastic part between the P/S & the board holds a 5 amp ATC fuse. I have some 7.5 amp & 10 amp fuses also, but 5A seems like it should be enough for the x, y & z motors. I am going to put a plastic cover over the electronics & a wood cover all of it to protect it more.



    I have mine all wired up & should be ready to cut something tomorrow. I had to change Ryan’s config.txt file a little with regards to the limit switches. My 2 wire mechanical limit switches are wired the way my 3d printer is which I think is opposite of what Ryan does. I noticed James’ config.txt had the endstops inverted from what I used. I included a photo of how my limit switches are wired. I am also only using the X & Y limit switch

    Here is the portion of the config.txt file I changed:

    # optional enable limit switches, actions will stop if any enabled limit switch is triggered
    alpha_limit_enable true # set to true to enable X min and max limit switches
    beta_limit_enable true # set to true to enable Y min and max limit switches
    #gamma_limit_enable false # set to true to enable Z min and max limit switches

    alpha_min_endstop 1.24^ # add a ! to invert if endstop is NO connected to ground
    alpha_homing_direction home_to_min # or set to home_to_max and set alpha_max
    alpha_min 0 # this gets loaded after homing when home_to_min is set
    beta_min_endstop 1.26^ # add a ! to invert if endstop is NO connected to ground
    beta_homing_direction home_to_min #
    beta_min 0 #

    alpha_max_endstop nc
    beta_max_endstop nc

    One thing I was wondering about changing was the 1.5amp gamma_current. Since there are 2 X & Y motors & only 1 Z motor, I was wondering if this could be half the current that the X & Y are using? Mine is wired the way it was with the original MPCNC. With a short test of running the X & Y motors, I noticed the Z motor stays on & is a little warm & the X & Y motors are room temperature after this test. That motor does not get very warm after a 20 minute run, so it is not really a problem for me. Does that Z motor stay engaged to keep the Z axis tight?



    Any recent updates for people using Smoothieware? I’ll be doing an MPCNC build soon, and I’d like to go with one of these MKS SBASE boards – I’m wondering how this worked out for people a few months down the line.


    James Schubert

    Well I hacked on it for 3 months and gave on smoothie board. Good for 3d printing. But not for cnc . Can’t do better than going with the standard already established by the admin.





    I’m not a fan of the board but there should be no issue with cnc it is much easier than milling. What was your problem? Did you try my setup file?



    I’m running my machine with a smoothieboard.  I have one of the real ones, not the clones.  I don’t know anything about the clones.  I use all 5 drivers (one per motor) and the current is set for each driver in the config.  The jumpers to make the 2 slave motors work are soldered in, and the slave motors have their connection to the driver reversed which makes them move in the exact same way, but in opposite direction from the master motor.  This board drove my 1st 3d printer and was just sitting around unused which is why I chose to use it.

    I can put a copy of my config, but really it’s straightforward to use the template one and modify it with the instructions on the smoothie site.  I’m running the CNC specific version of the latest firmware.



    I see in one picture that you are using the endstops.
    Can you post  your config?

    When i try the enstops it seems that they dont stop

    Only connected the X-Min (command: M119)
    23:27:42.953 : X_min:0 Y_min:1 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:0 (Y)P1.26:1 (Z)P1.29:1
    when pressed
    23:28:26.844 : X_min:1 Y_min:1 Z_min:1 pins- (X)P1.24:1 (Y)P1.26:1 (Z)P1.29:1

    So they are connected the right way but when homing they don’t stop.

    Any suggestions?



    SquidPlan,  I just got one of the Smoothieboards in and would love to see your config if possible.  I would like to see if anything has changed vs the first posts config.  I just loaded the CNC firmware as well, I am getting ready to do the mpcnc build this weekend long as the rest of my parts come in.  So right now I’m just trying to get the board setup started.  Thanks


    I can put a copy of my config, but really it’s straightforward to use the template one and modify it with the instructions on the smoothie site. I’m running the CNC specific version of the latest firmware.



    I modified the Marlin 2.0 firmware and have the dual X & Y, and dual endstops working on the MKS_SBASE v1.3 Smoothieboard.  Zip file attached at the post listed below.

    MKS SBASE V1.3 Dual Endstop Question


    Juan A. Fernandez

    Hello, Ryan.
    The MKS Sbase V1 board that you use drives up to 5 motors. Your engines are 1.5 amps; this is said in the file that you share:

    alpha_current 1.5 # X stepper motor current
    beta_current 1.5 # Y stepper motor current
    gamma_current 1.5 # Z stepper motor current

    In the documentation of Smoothieboard it is said that each controller, if it handles more than one motor, can not exceed 2 amperes of current. Which is your case. You should, then, use the extruder controllers. But in the configuration you share, it does not seem like you’ve done it. If you had done it, two commands would appear, so:

    delta_current 1.5 #for one of the axes, the X, for example
    epsilon_current 1.5 #for the other axis

    How have you connected the motors?
    Thank you.



    Wire them in series, if you want to wire them individually that is something I never attempted in my extremely limited experience with that board.

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