Sand filled Tubes

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    Ryan Chin

    I saw this video on roller coaster sound dampening:

    Has anyone tried filling the tubes with a particulate or otherwise damping material?

    Would it reduce vibrations/sound? Or would it just make the tubes sag?

    Finally, is it worth the inevitable mess to test?



    Sag.  Almost all the noise is coming from the spindle, then the endmill.



    Even relatively quiet spindles are very loud from the sound of cutting, so you would never hear a difference.

    For a plotter or vinyl cutter or 3d printing application, I would think the stepper drivers (e.g. trinamic in place of A4988 or DRV8825) would be the next best investment for sound.  I doubt you would hear the difference of the sound damping rails without a machine that is already very, very quiet.




    No added weight but could reduce vibration




    On my sand table I use trinamics and I used shrink wrap around the conduit. They both helped the noise, I think. The ZXY is more tolerant for a little diameter change. I wouldn’t do that on an MPCNC just because the noise is not as important in the shop.



    Last night I ran a 1/4″ poly tube through a 48″, 3/4″ conduit that was 48″ long, then filled it with 50/50 epoxy/micro baloons.  The empty tube deflected .025″ with a 5lb weight.  I dont think I’m going to gain much.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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