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    Hello all,

    I just completed my mpcnc build and I realized that I um, well, don’t have a router. Or bits. Definitely no bits. But I did print the pen holder!

    I’d estimate that pretty much all of my projects will be 2d. The only material that I’ll be cutting in the the near future is plywood, dimensional pine lumber, and acrylic. These projects will for be for making some variant of a box. Such examples include, but are not limited to: Bird/Doll/Arduino houses.

    If you were to assemble a cost effective dream team (no such thing) of router bits, what would you choose?




    Mike Atencio

    1/8″ single or double flute. If you don’t have a planer, get the 1/8″ flute endmill, (I read somewhere) it can mill the wood flat like a planer. I’m making several wood urns and those are what I bought. I just got my machine running today but that’s the advice from a number of websites I’ve been reading for the last year. I think the prob you’ll have is with the acrylic melting and gumming up the blade. Read up on that to see how others are doing it and check out YouTube too.






    This is my most used bit by far.

    1/8″ single flute upcut.



    Thanks Ryan.

    I bought 3 of those 3 of the double flute, a couple of the 45 v bits and the drag knife from you yesterday. Figured that’d keep me busy for a minute.

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