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    So I was going to use my Rotozip saw that I had but it needed a new bearing. $30. Finally got the old one off, new one on, then lost a rubber piece that holds the small bearing at the other end. So long story short, new rotary saw time.

    Opted for the Rotosaw+ instead of the DM660. 6.0A 15-30K rpm for $139 CDN.

    Anyone use this one ? Off to look for mounts or make em.



    Got to try out the Rotosaw+ last night. Nice. The speed stays pretty solid during cuts which is nice. It does come with a 5/32 collet which I will buy some bits for since I figure that’ll clean the cuts up with a stiffer bit (I could be wrong). But I borrowed the 1/8 collet from my older now parts Rotozip.

    Made a mount and dust collector, will share once I’ve made a few adjustments.

    Anyway, next time I’ll try to dial in the feeds and speeds…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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