Rockler T-Track Table Top for MPCNC?

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    Phil Kelly

    Have any of you tried mounting your MPCNC to this table top from Rockler?




    The table is nice but the price is hard to justify when they are selling the track itself for $10.


    T track is kinda hard to use as you will have clamps sticking up, a few embedded nuts in the table are easier to use as the excess can hang out the bottom without worries of hitting your gantry on it.


    Phil Kelly

    Not sure I understand your proposed alternative.  Do you mean just punch holes in your mounting board and then put T-nuts in them?  Aren’t you still going to have the clamps that go into those sticking up?  Or are you saying you bolt THROUGH your material into the T-nut?

    Do you have a photo of your suggestion?



    High profile clamps vs low profile clamps vs no clamps!

    No clamps:



    You can see here how if they were running this bolt into a tnut the excess bolt length could be on the bottom of the table instead of protruding up into the air where the router could hit it.

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    That’s a nice but the tracks are too far apart in my opinion.  I use 3/4 MDF ripped to 5″ widths with 5/8 t-track between each strip.  Lower left spoil board really takes a beating on my machine so I just flip it or replace the one board when it’s time.  I use punched flat bar for hold downs that I bend in a $50 vice brake.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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