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    Got this router last week in a pinch while waiting for brushes for the 611 to come in.


    The good: very small, light, has an led, cuts clean, lifetime warranty, speed control, the collet Chuck can be loosened with 2 wrenches instead of the button, big box store availability (Home Depot).


    The bad (and deal breaker): I went through 3 just to be sure, but even after 5 minutes of a job, the motor gets quite hot, and it’s a gamble if it will turn on again, as there is some thermal protection that is quite conservative. A piece of 5/8 ply broke away from the tabs and the machine crashed, interestingly enough, the bit didn’t break, the router slowed down and stopped. After that, it would power on, spin up the motor for a second and stop. Didn’t power on until the next day.

    The dwp611 and Makita rt0701c are in the same price range (Makita is sometimes cheaper), but outclass this router for CNC use, which is weird because this is the router of choice for the Sienci Mill One.


    Went with the Makita and ordered brushes for the Makita and an extra 4 sets for the dwp611.

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