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    I noticed that my stepper are moving ever so slightly when i power the spindle over 75% up.

    I removed the Powersupply of the stepper and the Supply of the Spindle already to the other side, well away from the Arduino/Grbl shield combo, and made sure that neither 12v nor 220v cables are too close to anything, but still, i can’t avoid that the 12v cables that go to the spindle are close to the steppers.

    however, not the stepper that runs with the 12v cables are moving, it is the other axies! so i guess i need to upgrade to shielded cables now, as it occured several times now (3 times while i tried to flatten the bed now)


    I’d like to ask, should i just run aluminium foil around the cables, or should i use some network cable wires i have to replace the rainbow cables i used to hook anything up? Do i need to ground the shielded cables or is it enought to wrap them?


    Thanks for some help on that




    Pictures might help. I’m not sure.



    Good Day!

    After the issues described earlier, I decided to rebuild the machine but bigger and a bit better.

    The Power supply would is now fully grounded, the USB ports and all Cables would receive ferrite cores at their respective terminals.

    Also, I divided the power supply on the other side of the box, making sure that nothing intersects as little as possible, remove also the 220v portion to the upper part, so those do not interfere with the lower voltage neither.

    After solving all problems with this build, one remains.
    I still get stepper noise, despite the costly shielded cable, and ferrite cores everywhere and all the tipps I’ve read up and researched. What do I do wrong? I mean, others pull it off without anything and it just works fine. There has to be something that I do wrong or overlook? Maybe I get noise back over the 220v power, as I actually see that my devolo DLAN loses connection, once I turn the two power supplys on….


    I am grateful for any ideas, also on how to measure the noise over the 220v line to exclude or verify that source of interference.




    Some drivers make more noise than others for some reason. If those are genuine pololu that is as good as it gets, if they are fakes, well real ones should be considerably quieter.



    i ment electrical noise, not acustical noise.


    but never mind, i’ll update to ramps so i can drive all 4 stepper separatly, plus i updated to a router spindle and replaced the cheap chinese one (well, it’s not that cheap, if you consider that i had to pay import on top of it). that enables me to run more endmills and maybe even cut alu and brass… we’ll see


    it is now working even without the ramps perfectly, but i’d like to include autosquare and homing so i can concentrate on actuall production work and less of honing in on the correct coordinates every time 🙂


    thanks anyway




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