Printed parts. Slic3r gyroid infill to lower infill %?

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    Phil Haddon


    I’m printing a test part for the MPCNC in pla, 3 permeters, 3 top and bottom layers. I’m using the new gyroid infill pattern which is supposed to be a stronger infill pattern. I’m thinking of maybe turning down infill to 35% from the recommended 50% infill given the added strength of gyroid infill.

    Has anyone tried a lower infill than what is recommended using gyroid or any other infilll?




    So far I haven’t been able to tell the difference between gyroid and the cubic infill I used before.  Try it, and tell us what you think!  It’s new enough not many folks have been using it yet.


    I’m more interested in the infill that is based on how bones are built.  The cell structure gets denser the closer to the outside perimeters it gets, and is almost hollow in the center.  I forget who was working on that one though.

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    Phil Haddon

    That’s an interesting concept regarding the bone infill. Apparently the gyroid infil is based on the atomic structure of graphene. Some basic tests have been done and it was found to be stronger using less filament and  taking less time to print. I’ll give it a go. It’s not like anyone is going to die 🙄






    Just found this interesting video of the CNC Kitchen testing a variety of infill patterns including the gyroid.  I thought it was quite interesting.

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