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    Good evening everyone,
    I’m starting to use the CAM function FUSION360 ….
    when they create a work in the gcode fusion360 show me this window that creates a file that .nc RepetierHost not recognize ..

    How should I proceed ?



    Drew Rogge


    Try the post processor mentioned in this thread:

    It’s been written expressly for MPCNC and generates a file that repeatier recognizes.




    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for your response and for the link, I’m sorry if my english is a can is so so ..

    I tried to interpret the various posts that you’ve shown me ..
    I read that you too are looking for a solution not in Windows (as I understand it) you, like me, use Mac.

    I managed, looking at the various video tutorials to create an example of CAM test and simulation seems to perform as I would like the CNC did ..

    Catching Load the files on .nc RepetierHost though nothing appears Could you help me?
    What is the process you use?

    I attach post process – file project Fusion and the result when i open .nc in Repetier

    Thanks – Manuel

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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