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    Mike Atencio

    First time trying to do anything. I followed instruction and made the crown in gcode. I put the sd card into my LCD and turned the knob to print. I selected the file and the printer moves a quarter of an inch and freezes. What did I do wrong?

    Also, how do I set the XYZ home zeros?



    G92 X0 Y0 Z0  Either send that with repetier host, or make a blank .gcode file, add that line to it, and save it to your sd card as newhome.gcode .  Then you can move to where you want, run that gcode, which will zero out everthing, then start your normal gcode.  Or you can just add that line to the top of your file’s gcode.


    Now with that said, try Ryan’s crown gcode.

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    Can you give more details is to what’s happening? Are there motors making any noise? Can you jog the machine around without gcode?

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    Mike Atencio

    It makes a ticking noise but I can’t move anything in all axis


    Mike Atencio

    The only way I  can move the axis is by stopping the print and waiting until it shuts off. Then I can go to motion. It moves then.


    Mike Atencio

    I only have the LCD hooked up. How can I add that in the controller?


    Erwin Vigilia

    I’m thinking something’s up with your CAM/gcode creation, since it sounds like you can move your machine manually just fine.

    Please confirm:

    I followed instruction and made the crown in gcode.

    Did you create the code in Estlcam or another CAM program? Try downloading Ryan’s premade Crown gcode to a flash card and running that first just to make sure there’s nothing wacky about how you’re creating the gcode.

    Here’s the link


    Mike Atencio


    ;Project crown
    ;Created by Estlcam version 11 build 11.036
    ;Machining time about 00:40:20 hours

    M03 S24000
    G00 Z2.0000 F480

    ;No. 1: Engraving 12
    G00 X2.4090 Y7.5724 F2100
    G00 Z0.5000 F480
    G01 Z0.0000 F6 S24000
    G02 X4.0858 Y3.6839 Z-0.0371 I-10.5172 J-6.8410 F6
    G01 X4.1254 Y3.4853 Z-0.0389 F6
    G01 X4.1591 Y3.2874 Z-0.0407 F6
    G01 X4.1636 Y3.2259 Z-0.0412 F6
    G03 X4.6449 Y2.7587 Z-0.0473 I0.6598 J0.1982 F6
    G03 X6.6655 Y2.3078 Z-0.0654 I2.8950 J8.2199 F6
    G03 X15.2090 Y2.0678 Z-0.1401 I5.8151 J54.8265 F6
    G03 X19.0188 Y2.4504 Z-0.1735 I-0.6510 J25.6433 F6
    G03 X20.3382 Y2.8598 Z-0.1856 I-0.5603 J4.1365 F6
    G03 X20.6244 Y3.2874 Z-0.1904 I-0.2246 J0.4600 F6
    G02 X22.1562 Y7.2059 Z-0.2273 I11.3085 J-2.1619 F6
    G02 X23.5029 Y9.2492 Z-0.2486 I20.4528 J-12.0147 F6
    G02 X23.3769 Y9.1587 Z-0.2500 I-1.1143 J1.4187 F6
    G03 X23.5029 Y9.2492 Z-0.2514 I-0.9884 J1.5092 F6
    G03 X22.1562 Y7.2059 Z-0.2727 I19.1061 J-14.0580 F6
    G03 X20.6244 Y3.2874 Z-0.3096 I9.7767 J-6.0804 F6
    G02 X20.3382 Y2.8598 Z-0.3144 I-0.5109 J0.0324 F6
    G02 X19.0188 Y2.4504 Z-0.3265 I-1.8797 J3.7271 F6
    G02 X15.2090 Y2.0678 Z-0.3599 I-4.4608 J25.2607 F6
    G02 X6.6655 Y2.3078 Z-0.4346 I-2.7283 J55.0665 F6
    G02 X4.6449 Y2.7587 Z-0.4527 I0.8744 J8.6709 F6
    G02 X4.1636 Y3.2259 Z-0.4588 I0.1784 J0.6654 F6
    G01 X4.1591 Y3.2874 Z-0.4593 F6
    G01 X4.1254 Y3.4853 Z-0.4611 F6
    G01 X4.0858 Y3.6839 Z-0.4629 F6
    G03 X2.4090 Y7.5724 Z-0.5000 I-12.1940 J-2.9524 F6
    G02 X4.0858 Y3.6839 I-10.5172 J-6.8410 F900
    G01 X4.1254 Y3.4853 F900
    G01 X4.1591 Y3.2874 F900
    G01 X4.1636 Y3.2259 F900
    G03 X4.6449 Y2.7587 I0.6598 J0.1982 F900
    G03 X6.6655 Y2.3078 I2.8950 J8.2199 F900
    G03 X15.2090 Y2.0678 I5.8151 J54.8265 F900
    G03 X19.0188 Y2.4504 I-0.6510 J25.6433 F900
    G03 X20.3382 Y2.8598 I-0.5603 J4.1365 F900
    G03 X20.6244 Y3.2874 I-0.2246 J0.4600 F900
    G02 X22.1562 Y7.2059 I11.3085 J-2.1619 F900
    G02 X23.5029 Y9.2492 I20.4528 J-12.0147 F900
    G02 X22.4127 Y8.8640 I-1.1143 J1.4187 F900
    G03 X21.6973 Y8.8429 I-0.3194 J-1.3101 F900
    G01 X21.6654 Y8.8317 F900
    G01 X21.6348 Y8.8186 F900
    G01 X21.6226 Y8.9676 F900
    G01 X21.6105 Y9.1207 F900
    G03 X22.3406 Y9.9231 I0.3802 J0.3874 F900
    G03 X21.5480 Y9.7874 I-0.3381 J-0.4081 F900
    G03 X21.3536 Y10.7110 I-5.8539 J-0.7501 F900
    G03 X22.1198 Y11.4790 I0.3843 J0.3828 F900
    G03 X21.2043 Y11.0999 I-0.3793 J-0.3791 F900
    G03 X20.8362 Y11.8707 I-5.1415 J-1.9816 F900
    G03 X21.3064 Y12.8395 I0.2587 J0.4729 F900
    G03 X20.5585 Y12.3464 I-0.2104 J-0.4946 F900
    G01 Y12.3013 F900
    G03 X20.0862 Y12.8811 I-4.2414 J-2.9719 F900
    G03 X20.0103 Y13.9548 I-0.0243 J0.5378 F900
    G03 X19.5300 Y13.4745 I0.0542 J-0.5345 F900
    G01 X19.5272 Y13.4193 F900
    G01 Y13.3777 F900
    G03 X19.0966 Y13.6971 I-2.4640 J-2.8712 F900
    G03 X18.7643 Y14.7077 I-0.1685 J0.5045 F900
    G03 X18.3675 Y14.1936 I0.1498 J-0.5258 F900
    G01 X18.3725 Y14.1173 F900
    G01 X18.3790 Y14.0803 F900
    G01 X18.3883 Y14.0443 F900
    G03 X17.8501 Y14.2353 I-1.6462 J-3.7853 F900
    G03 X17.2495 Y15.1184 I-0.3345 J0.4183 F900
    G03 X16.9709 Y14.7002 I0.2557 J-0.4722 F900
    G01 X16.9682 Y14.6450 F900
    G03 X17.0550 Y14.3638 I0.5464 J0.0146 F900
    G03 X16.4335 Y14.3881 I-0.5106 J-5.0995 F900
    G03 X15.8634 Y15.2427 I-0.3961 J0.3532 F900
    G03 X15.4883 Y14.7869 I0.1549 J-0.5098 F900
    G01 X15.4855 Y14.7318 F900
    G01 X15.4895 Y14.6671 F900
    G03 X15.7008 Y14.3013 I0.5557 J0.0770 F900
    G03 X14.9925 Y14.1277 I0.7975 J-4.7857 F900
    G03 X13.9665 Y14.5032 I-0.5048 J0.2102 F900
    G01 X13.9522 Y14.4516 F900
    G01 X13.9434 Y14.3981 F900
    G01 X13.9404 Y14.3429 F900
    G01 X13.9423 Y14.2990 F900
    G03 X14.3258 Y13.8499 I0.5229 J0.0582 F900
    G03 X13.6800 Y13.4402 I2.3734 J-4.4550 F900
    G03 X12.7147 Y14.9436 I-1.3609 J0.1879 F900
    G02 X12.6279 Y16.5582 I37.0604 J2.8022 F900
    G02 X14.0689 Y16.4506 I-0.3518 J-14.4083 F900
    G01 Y17.2457 F900
    G01 X13.9538 Y17.2345 F900
    G02 X12.6279 Y17.1589 I-1.7773 J19.5143 F900
    G02 X12.6595 Y18.1248 I14.7749 J-0.0001 F900
    G02 X12.7147 Y18.7075 I9.7159 J-0.6264 F900
    G01 X12.0689 F900
    G02 X12.1557 Y17.1589 I-12.9732 J-1.5040 F900
    G02 X10.7147 Y17.2457 I0.4044 J18.7170 F900
    G01 Y16.4506 F900
    G02 X12.1557 Y16.5582 I1.8248 J-14.7293 F900
    G02 X12.0689 Y14.9436 I-41.1162 J1.4010 F900
    G03 X11.0793 Y13.6138 I0.4192 J-1.3451 F900
    G03 X11.1036 Y13.4402 I1.3469 J0.1001 F900
    G03 X10.4578 Y13.8499 I-3.0198 J-4.0462 F900
    G03 X10.0749 Y14.8389 I-0.1550 J0.5086 F900
    G03 X9.7522 Y14.3981 I0.2103 J-0.4926 F900
    G01 X9.7494 Y14.3429 F900
    G01 X9.7521 Y14.2869 F900
    G03 X9.7911 Y14.1277 I0.5393 J0.0475 F900
    G03 X9.0828 Y14.3013 I-1.5058 J-4.6118 F900
    G03 X8.3686 Y15.1109 I-0.3281 J0.4304 F900
    G03 X8.2008 Y14.7318 I0.3518 J-0.3824 F900
    G03 X8.3501 Y14.3881 I0.5341 J0.0277 F900
    G03 X7.7286 Y14.3638 I-0.1109 J-5.1237 F900
    G03 X6.7878 Y14.9019 I-0.4623 J0.2832 F900
    G03 X6.7182 Y14.6450 I0.4401 J-0.2572 F900
    G03 X6.9335 Y14.2353 I0.5312 J0.0177 F900
    G03 X6.3953 Y14.0443 I1.3264 J-4.5918 F900
    G03 X5.3331 Y14.3023 I-0.5286 J0.1392 F900
    G01 X5.3251 Y14.2488 F900
    G01 X5.3223 Y14.1936 F900
    G01 X5.3241 Y14.1497 F900
    G03 X5.6869 Y13.6971 I0.5183 J0.0438 F900
    G03 X5.2564 Y13.3777 I2.6657 J-4.0429 F900
    G03 X4.1862 Y13.4745 I-0.5356 J0.0424 F900
    G01 X4.1835 Y13.4193 F900
    G01 X4.1861 Y13.3655 F900
    G03 X4.6973 Y12.8811 I0.5320 J0.0496 F900
    G03 X4.2251 Y12.3013 I3.7681 J-3.5509 F900
    G03 X3.1487 Y12.3464 I-0.5374 J0.0409 F900
    G01 X3.1515 Y12.2913 F900
    G03 X3.9473 Y11.8707 I0.5393 J0.0573 F900
    G03 X3.5793 Y11.0999 I4.7748 J-2.7532 F900
    G03 X2.5064 I-0.5365 J-0.0017 F900
    G03 X2.8843 Y10.5669 I0.5658 J0.0007 F900
    G03 X3.4300 Y10.7110 I0.1599 J0.5000 F900
    G03 X3.2355 Y9.7874 I5.6580 J-1.6735 F900
    G03 X2.2522 Y9.5647 I-0.4548 J-0.2743 F900
    G01 X2.2494 Y9.5096 F900
    G01 X2.2522 Y9.4545 F900
    G03 X3.1730 Y9.1207 I0.5425 J0.0595 F900
    G01 X3.1609 Y8.9676 F900
    G01 X3.1487 Y8.8186 F900
    G01 X3.1182 Y8.8317 F900
    G01 X3.0862 Y8.8429 F900
    G03 X2.3708 Y8.8640 I-0.4011 J-1.4607 F900
    G02 X1.2807 Y9.2492 I0.0731 J1.9424 F900
    G02 X2.4090 Y7.5724 I-19.1616 J-14.1119 F900
    G00 Z2.0000 F480

    ;No. 2: Engraving 13
    G00 X3.6453 Y7.2735 Z2.0000 F2100
    G00 Z0.5000 F480
    G01 Z0.0000 F6
    G01 X3.6550 Y7.3806 Z-0.0009 F6
    G01 X3.6661 Y7.4888 Z-0.0019 F6
    G03 X4.2594 Y8.0455 Z-0.0096 I-0.0358 J0.6327 F6
    G03 X4.2911 Y8.2631 Z-0.0115 I-1.1536 J0.2792 F6
    G03 X3.6869 Y7.9610 Z-0.0177 I-0.0381 J-0.6790 F6
    G03 X3.7969 Y9.7921 Z-0.0337 I-29.9295 J2.7157 F6
    G02 X12.0272 Y11.6798 Z-0.1306 I4.4328 J-0.4412 F6
    G02 X11.5307 Y11.2284 Z-0.1365 I-7.2642 J7.4918 F6
    G03 X11.3251 Y10.7696 Z-0.1410 I0.4423 J-0.4737 F6
    G01 X11.3295 Y10.7010 Z-0.1416 F6
    G03 X11.6835 Y10.2804 Z-0.1466 I0.5488 J0.1026 F6
    G03 X11.4180 Y10.1501 Z-0.1494 I-0.0533 J-0.2271 F6
    G01 X11.4103 Y10.1239 Z-0.1496 F6
    G01 X11.4051 Y10.0942 Z-0.1499 F6
    G01 X11.4022 Y10.0235 Z-0.1505 F6
    G02 X11.1244 Y10.4957 Z-0.1553 I0.8136 J0.7964 F6
    G03 X10.5835 Y10.7018 Z-0.1605 I-0.5311 J-0.5812 F6
    G01 X10.5422 Y10.7148 Z-0.1609 F6
    G01 X10.4994 Y10.7318 Z-0.1613 F6
    G03 X10.6415 Y10.2072 Z-0.1660 I2.0805 J0.2819 F6
    G03 X10.9094 Y10.0065 Z-0.1691 I0.2878 J0.1050 F6
    G02 X11.1661 Y9.8082 Z-0.1720 I-0.1944 J-0.5170 F6
    G03 X10.8240 Y9.5336 Z-0.1762 I-0.0315 J-0.3112 F6
    G01 X10.8223 Y9.4645 Z-0.1768 F6
    G03 X10.5818 Y9.8791 Z-0.1811 I-0.6933 J-0.1251 F6
    G03 X9.6620 Y9.4726 Z-0.1909 I-0.2626 J-0.6497 F6
    G02 X9.1696 Y8.8186 Z-0.1981 I-2.4696 J1.3472 F6
    G02 X9.7397 Y8.1415 Z-0.2058 I-1.6441 J-1.9628 F6
    G03 X10.4575 Y7.8968 Z-0.2129 I0.5417 J0.4137 F6
    G03 X10.6522 Y7.9610 Z-0.2146 I-0.1055 J0.6468 F6
    G01 X10.8345 Y8.2943 Z-0.2180 F6
    G01 X11.0168 Y8.6277 Z-0.2213 F6
    G03 X11.0496 Y8.4755 Z-0.2226 I0.3754 J0.0013 F6
    G03 X11.2550 Y8.3863 Z-0.2248 I0.1609 J0.0895 F6
    G01 X11.3397 Y8.3916 Z-0.2255 F6
    G02 X10.9801 Y8.0016 Z-0.2301 I-1.2598 J0.8010 F6
    G03 X10.8040 Y7.7125 Z-0.2332 I0.2074 J-0.3246 F6
    G01 X10.7991 Y7.6248 Z-0.2340 F6
    G01 X10.8054 Y7.5283 Z-0.2348 F6
    G01 X10.8223 Y7.4228 Z-0.2357 F6
    G03 X11.2961 Y7.6962 Z-0.2408 I0.0222 J0.5087 F6
    G02 X11.5382 Y8.3187 Z-0.2467 I1.6613 J-0.2877 F6
    G02 X11.6290 Y8.2586 Z-0.2481 I0.0439 J-0.0325 F6
    G01 X11.6402 Y8.2102 Z-0.2485 F6
    G01 X11.6529 Y8.1781 Z-0.2488 F6
    G03 X11.7212 Y8.1550 Z-0.2495 I0.0493 J0.0334 F6
    G01 X11.7758 Y8.1678 Z-0.2500 F6
    G01 X11.7212 Y8.1550 Z-0.2505 F6
    G02 X11.6529 Y8.1781 Z-0.2512 I-0.0189 J0.0565 F6
    G01 X11.6402 Y8.2102 Z-0.2515 F6
    G01 X11.6290 Y8.2586 Z-0.2519 F6
    G03 X11.5382 Y8.3187 Z-0.2533 I-0.0470 J0.0277 F6
    G03 X11.2961 Y7.6962 Z-0.2592 I1.4193 J-0.9102 F6
    G02 X10.8223 Y7.4228 Z-0.2643 I-0.4516 J0.2353 F6
    G01 X10.8054 Y7.5283 Z-0.2652 F6
    G01 X10.7991 Y7.6248 Z-0.2660 F6
    G01 X10.8040 Y7.7125 Z-0.2668 F6
    G02 X10.9801 Y8.0016 Z-0.2699 I0.3836 J-0.0354 F6
    G03 X11.3397 Y8.3916 Z-0.2745 I-0.9003 J1.1909 F6
    G01 X11.2550 Y8.3863 Z-0.2752 F6
    G02 X11.0496 Y8.4755 Z-0.2774 I-0.0445 J0.1787 F6
    G02 X11.0168 Y8.6277 Z-0.2787 I0.3426 J0.1535 F6
    G01 X10.8345 Y8.2943 Z-0.2820 F6
    G01 X10.6522 Y7.9610 Z-0.2854 F6
    G02 X10.4575 Y7.8968 Z-0.2871 I-0.3002 J0.5825 F6
    G02 X9.7397 Y8.1415 Z-0.2942 I-0.1761 J0.6585 F6
    G03 X9.1696 Y8.8186 Z-0.3019 I-2.2142 J-1.2857 F6
    G03 X9.6620 Y9.4726 Z-0.3091 I-1.9771 J2.0011 F6
    G02 X10.5818 Y9.8791 Z-0.3189 I0.6572 J-0.2432 F6
    G02 X10.8223 Y9.4645 Z-0.3232 I-0.4528 J-0.5397 F6
    G01 X10.8240 Y9.5336 Z-0.3238 F6
    G02 X11.1661 Y9.8082 Z-0.3280 I0.3106 J-0.0366 F6
    G03 X10.9094 Y10.0065 Z-0.3309 I-0.4511 J-0.3187 F6
    G02 X10.6415 Y10.2072 Z-0.3340 I0.0199 J0.3057 F6
    G02 X10.4994 Y10.7318 Z-0.3387 I1.9384 J0.8065 F6
    G01 X10.5422 Y10.7148 Z-0.3391 F6
    G01 X10.5835 Y10.7018 Z-0.3395 F6
    G02 X11.1244 Y10.4957 Z-0.3447 I0.0099 J-0.7872 F6
    G03 X11.4022 Y10.0235 Z-0.3495 I1.0914 J0.3242 F6
    G01 X11.4051 Y10.0942 Z-0.3501 F6
    G01 X11.4103 Y10.1239 Z-0.3504 F6
    G01 X11.4180 Y10.1501 Z-0.3506 F6
    G02 X11.6835 Y10.2804 Z-0.3534 I0.2122 J-0.0968 F6
    G02 X11.3295 Y10.7010 Z-0.3584 I0.1948 J0.5232 F6
    G01 X11.3251 Y10.7696 Z-0.3590 F6
    G02 X11.5307 Y11.2284 Z-0.3635 I0.6479 J-0.0149 F6
    G03 X12.0272 Y11.6798 Z-0.3694 I-6.7677 J7.9432 F6
    G03 X3.7969 Y9.7921 Z-0.4663 I-3.7975 J-2.3288 F6
    G02 X3.6869 Y7.9610 Z-0.4823 I-30.0395 J0.8846 F6
    G02 X4.2911 Y8.2631 Z-0.4885 I0.5661 J-0.3769 F6
    G02 X4.2594 Y8.0455 Z-0.4904 I-1.1853 J0.0616 F6
    G02 X3.6661 Y7.4888 Z-0.4981 I-0.6291 J0.0759 F6
    G01 X3.6550 Y7.3806 Z-0.4991 F6
    G01 X3.6453 Y7.2735 Z-0.5000 F6
    G01 X3.6550 Y7.3806 F900
    G01 X3.6661 Y7.4888 F900
    G03 X4.2594 Y8.0455 I-0.0358 J0.6327 F900
    G03 X4.2911 Y8.2631 I-1.1536 J0.2792 F900
    G03 X3.6869 Y7.9610 I-0.0381 J-0.6790 F900
    G03 X3.7969 Y9.7921 I-29.9295 J2.7157 F900
    G02 X12.0272 Y11.6798 I4.4328 J-0.4412 F900
    G02 X11.5307 Y11.2284 I-7.2642 J7.4918 F900
    G03 X11.3251 Y10.7696 I0.4423 J-0.4737 F900
    G01 X11.3295 Y10.7010 F900
    G03 X11.6835 Y10.2804 I0.5488 J0.1026 F900
    G03 X11.4180 Y10.1501 I-0.0533 J-0.2271 F900
    G01 X11.4103 Y10.1239 F900
    G01 X11.4051 Y10.0942 F900
    G01 X11.4022 Y10.0235 F900
    G02 X11.1244 Y10.4957 I0.8136 J0.7964 F900
    G03 X10.5835 Y10.7018 I-0.5311 J-0.5812 F900
    G01 X10.5422 Y10.7148 F900
    G01 X10.4994 Y10.7318 F900
    G03 X10.6415 Y10.2072 I2.0805 J0.2819 F900
    G03 X10.9094 Y10.0065 I0.2878 J0.1050 F900
    G02 X11.1661 Y9.8082 I-0.1944 J-0.5170 F900
    G03 X10.8240 Y9.5336 I-0.0315 J-0.3112 F900
    G01 X10.8223 Y9.4645 F900
    G03 X10.5818 Y9.8791 I-0.6933 J-0.1251 F900
    G03 X9.6620 Y9.4726 I-0.2626 J-0.6497 F900
    G02 X9.1696 Y8.8186 I-2.4696 J1.3472 F900
    G02 X9.7397 Y8.1415 I-1.6441 J-1.9628 F900
    G03 X10.4575 Y7.8968 I0.5417 J0.4137 F900
    G03 X10.6522 Y7.9610 I-0.1055 J0.6468 F900
    G01 X10.8345 Y8.2943 F900
    G01 X11.0168 Y8.6277 F900
    G03 X11.0496 Y8.4755 I0.3754 J0.0013 F900
    G03 X11.2550 Y8.3863 I0.1609 J0.0895 F900
    G01 X11.3397 Y8.3916 F900
    G02 X10.9801 Y8.0016 I-1.2598 J0.8010 F900
    G03 X10.8040 Y7.7125 I0.2074 J-0.3246 F900
    G01 X10.7991 Y7.6248 F900
    G01 X10.8054 Y7.5283 F900
    G01 X10.8223 Y7.4228 F900
    G03 X11.2961 Y7.6962 I0.0222 J0.5087 F900
    G02 X11.5382 Y8.3187 I1.6613 J-0.2877 F900
    G02 X11.6290 Y8.2586 I0.0439 J-0.0325 F900
    G01 X11.6402 Y8.2102 F900
    G01 X11.6529 Y8.1781 F900
    G03 X11.7212 Y8.1550 I0.0493 J0.0334 F900
    G01 X11.8119 Y8.1763 F900
    G02 X10.9042 Y6.5938 I-2.1255 J0.1676 F900
    G02 X8.4821 Y7.0374 I-0.9336 J1.7370 F900
    G01 X8.1847 Y7.3437 F900
    G01 X7.9647 Y7.5721 F900
    G03 X8.3496 Y8.4594 I0.2053 J0.4381 F900
    G03 X7.9647 Y8.4541 I-0.1867 J-0.4179 F900
    G03 X7.0304 Y8.6801 I-0.4638 J0.1267 F900
    G01 X7.0228 Y8.6321 F900
    G01 X7.0203 Y8.5825 F900
    G01 X7.0220 Y8.5394 F900
    G03 X7.1279 Y8.2839 I0.4501 J0.0368 F900
    G03 X6.6995 Y7.8343 I0.0598 J-0.4860 F900
    G01 X6.6973 Y7.7874 F900
    G01 X6.6997 Y7.7376 F900
    G03 X7.5341 Y7.4679 I0.4696 J0.0273 F900
    G02 X7.3787 Y6.5565 I-5.4215 J0.4558 F900
    G02 X5.9147 Y5.2581 I-1.8812 J0.6466 F900
    G02 X4.5977 Y5.2161 I-0.7272 J2.1338 F900
    G02 X3.9662 Y5.6492 I0.2322 J1.0156 F900
    G02 X3.9218 Y5.7850 I0.3121 J0.1773 F900
    G01 X3.9203 Y5.8192 F900
    G01 X3.9230 Y5.8534 F900
    G02 X4.2135 Y5.9309 I0.1718 J-0.0607 F900
    G03 X4.5397 Y5.7502 I15.4359 J27.4848 F900
    G03 X5.1071 Y5.7249 I0.3366 J1.1716 F900
    G03 X4.3452 Y6.2151 I-0.5981 J-0.0924 F900
    G02 X4.0832 Y6.2920 I-0.0863 J0.1905 F900
    G01 X4.0758 Y6.3256 F900
    G01 X4.0749 Y6.3859 F900
    G01 X4.0788 Y6.4395 F900
    G02 X4.4146 Y6.6797 I0.2675 J-0.0191 F900
    G03 X5.1459 Y6.5568 I1.3857 J6.0064 F900
    G03 X5.6814 Y7.1172 I-0.0848 J0.6171 F900
    G02 X5.8921 Y7.6804 I0.9103 J-0.0194 F900
    G01 X5.9262 Y7.7138 F900
    G01 X5.9647 Y7.7457 F900
    G02 X5.4270 Y7.8194 I-0.1915 J0.6018 F900
    G03 X5.0128 Y7.9638 I-0.8876 J-1.8796 F900
    G03 X4.4612 Y7.7457 I-0.1391 J-0.4547 F900
    G01 X4.3194 Y7.4878 F900
    G02 X3.9112 Y7.0718 I-0.9982 J0.5713 F900
    G02 X3.6453 Y7.1207 I-0.0885 J0.2658 F900
    G01 X3.6449 Y7.1977 F900
    G01 X3.6453 Y7.2735 F900
    G00 Z2.0000 F480

    ;No. 3: Engraving 16
    G00 X11.1817 Y4.3295 Z2.0000 F2100
    G00 Z0.5000 F480
    G01 Z0.0000 F6
    G02 X18.8612 Y3.6717 Z-0.0675 I1.3580 J-29.3002 F6
    G01 X19.1422 Y3.6020 Z-0.0700 F6
    G01 X19.3987 Y3.5339 Z-0.0723 F6
    G01 X19.2911 Y3.1693 Z-0.0756 F6
    G03 X11.7822 Y3.9594 Z-0.1417 I-6.6028 J-26.6761 F6
    G03 X5.4925 Y3.1693 Z-0.1972 I0.0235 J-25.6180 F6
    G01 X5.3848 Y3.5339 Z-0.2005 F6
    G02 X10.9882 Y4.3243 Z-0.2500 I6.4008 J-25.1219 F6
    G03 X5.3848 Y3.5339 Z-0.2995 I0.7975 J-25.9122 F6
    G01 X5.4925 Y3.1693 Z-0.3028 F6
    G02 X11.7822 Y3.9594 Z-0.3583 I6.3132 J-24.8279 F6
    G02 X19.2911 Y3.1693 Z-0.4244 I0.9061 J-27.4662 F6
    G01 X19.3987 Y3.5339 Z-0.4277 F6
    G01 X19.1422 Y3.6020 Z-0.4300 F6
    G01 X18.8612 Y3.6717 Z-0.4325 F6
    G03 X11.1817 Y4.3295 Z-0.5000 I-6.3215 J-28.6423 F6
    G02 X18.8612 Y3.6717 I1.3580 J-29.3002 F900
    G01 X19.1422 Y3.6020 F900
    G01 X19.3987 Y3.5339 F900
    G01 X19.2911 Y3.1693 F900
    G03 X11.7822 Y3.9594 I-6.6028 J-26.6761 F900
    G03 X5.4925 Y3.1693 I0.0235 J-25.6180 F900
    G01 X5.3848 Y3.5339 F900
    G02 X11.1817 Y4.3295 I6.4008 J-25.1219 F900
    G00 Z2.0000 F480

    ;No. 4: Engraving 14
    G00 X14.0954 Y9.7680 Z2.0000 F2100
    G00 Z0.5000 F480
    G01 Z0.0000 F6
    G03 X13.9612 Y9.4645 Z-0.0029 I1.5452 J-0.8645 F6
    G03 X13.6175 Y9.8082 Z-0.0077 I-0.3131 J0.0306 F6
    G02 X14.0029 Y10.0443 Z-0.0118 I0.4759 J-0.3442 F6
    G03 X14.2376 Y10.5569 Z-0.0169 I-0.4482 J0.5152 F6
    G02 X14.2841 Y10.7318 Z-0.0185 I0.8064 J-0.1210 F6
    G03 X13.8603 Y10.6328 Z-0.0223 I0.9752 J-5.1289 F6
    G03 X13.5988 Y10.3308 Z-0.0259 I0.1134 J-0.3624 F6
    G03 X13.3814 Y10.0235 Z-0.0292 I79.6212 J-56.5886 F6
    G03 X13.1001 Y10.2804 Z-0.0332 I-0.2239 J0.0374 F6
    G03 X13.2529 Y11.2284 Z-0.0434 I-0.1819 J0.5156 F6
    G02 X12.7564 Y11.6798 Z-0.0492 I5.8180 J6.8986 F6
    G02 X21.0120 Y9.1595 Z-0.1517 I3.7995 J-2.3356 F6
    G03 X21.0966 Y7.9610 Z-0.1622 I18.0785 J0.6742 F6
    G03 X20.4925 Y8.2631 Z-0.1683 I-0.5697 J-0.3842 F6
    G03 X20.7532 Y7.6240 Z-0.1745 I0.9260 J0.0050 F6
    G03 X21.1175 Y7.4888 Z-0.1780 I0.3397 J0.3569 F6
    G02 X21.1383 Y7.1207 Z-0.1812 I-1.8916 J-0.2917 F6
    G02 X20.6387 Y7.2564 Z-0.1864 I-0.1931 J0.2768 F6
    G02 X20.2837 Y7.7995 Z-0.1920 I2.0460 J1.7245 F6
    G03 X19.6674 Y7.9368 Z-0.1980 I-0.3947 J-0.3201 F6
    G02 X19.0202 Y7.7161 Z-0.2040 I-1.1178 J2.2186 F6
    G02 X18.8189 Y7.7457 Z-0.2058 I-0.0555 J0.3219 F6
    G02 X19.0681 Y7.2870 Z-0.2105 I-0.4308 J-0.5312 F6
    G03 X19.2846 Y6.7308 Z-0.2158 I0.8528 J0.0117 F6
    G03 X19.8945 Y6.5897 Z-0.2216 I0.4075 J0.3725 F6
    G02 X20.4916 Y6.6746 Z-0.2269 I0.4804 J-1.2362 F6
    G02 X20.6468 Y6.2297 Z-0.2318 I-0.0596 J-0.2703 F6
    G02 X20.1730 Y6.2214 Z-0.2360 I-0.2808 J2.5085 F6
    G03 X19.6765 Y5.7249 Z-0.2425 I0.0817 J-0.5782 F6
    G03 X20.4827 Y5.8867 Z-0.2500 I0.2344 J0.9214 F6
    G02 X20.4866 Y5.8902 I0.2083 J-0.2246 F6
    G03 X20.4827 Y5.8867 I0.2045 J-0.2281 F6
    G02 X19.6765 Y5.7249 Z-0.2575 I-0.5718 J0.7596 F6
    G02 X20.1730 Y6.2214 Z-0.2640 I0.5782 J-0.0817 F6
    G03 X20.6468 Y6.2297 Z-0.2682 I0.1930 J2.5168 F6
    G03 X20.4916 Y6.6746 Z-0.2731 I-0.2148 J0.1746 F6
    G03 X19.8945 Y6.5897 Z-0.2784 I-0.1167 J-1.3211 F6
    G02 X19.2846 Y6.7308 Z-0.2842 I-0.2023 J0.5137 F6
    G02 X19.0681 Y7.2870 Z-0.2895 I0.6363 J0.5679 F6
    G03 X18.8189 Y7.7457 Z-0.2942 I-0.6800 J-0.0725 F6
    G03 X19.0202 Y7.7161 Z-0.2960 I0.1459 J0.2922 F6
    G03 X19.6674 Y7.9368 Z-0.3020 I-0.4707 J2.4393 F6
    G02 X20.2837 Y7.7995 Z-0.3080 I0.2217 J-0.4573 F6
    G03 X20.6387 Y7.2564 Z-0.3136 I2.4009 J1.1813 F6
    G03 X21.1383 Y7.1207 Z-0.3188 I0.3066 J0.1412 F6
    G03 X21.1175 Y7.4888 Z-0.3220 I-1.9124 J0.0764 F6
    G02 X20.7532 Y7.6240 Z-0.3255 I-0.0246 J0.4922 F6
    G02 X20.4925 Y8.2631 Z-0.3317 I0.6653 J0.6441 F6
    G02 X21.0966 Y7.9610 Z-0.3378 I0.0345 J-0.6863 F6
    G02 X21.0120 Y9.1595 Z-0.3483 I17.9938 J1.8727 F6
    G03 X12.7564 Y11.6798 Z-0.4508 I-4.4562 J0.1846 F6
    G03 X13.2529 Y11.2284 Z-0.4566 I6.3145 J6.4472 F6
    G02 X13.1001 Y10.2804 Z-0.4668 I-0.3347 J-0.4323 F6
    G02 X13.3814 Y10.0235 Z-0.4708 I0.0574 J-0.2196 F6
    G02 X13.5988 Y10.3308 Z-0.4741 I79.8386 J-56.2814 F6
    G02 X13.8603 Y10.6328 Z-0.4777 I0.3749 J-0.0604 F6
    G02 X14.2841 Y10.7318 Z-0.4815 I1.3991 J-5.0298 F6
    G03 X14.2376 Y10.5569 Z-0.4831 I0.7598 J-0.2960 F6
    G02 X14.0029 Y10.0443 Z-0.4882 I-0.6829 J0.0027 F6
    G03 X13.6175 Y9.8082 Z-0.4923 I0.0905 J-0.5804 F6
    G02 X13.9612 Y9.4645 Z-0.4971 I0.0306 J-0.3131 F6
    G02 X14.0954 Y9.7680 Z-0.5000 I1.6794 J-0.5610 F6
    G03 X13.9612 Y9.4645 I1.5452 J-0.8645 F900
    G03 X13.6175 Y9.8082 I-0.3131 J0.0306 F900
    G02 X14.0029 Y10.0443 I0.4759 J-0.3442 F900
    G03 X14.2376 Y10.5569 I-0.4482 J0.5152 F900
    G02 X14.2841 Y10.7318 I0.8064 J-0.1210 F900
    G03 X13.8603 Y10.6328 I0.9752 J-5.1289 F900
    G03 X13.5988 Y10.3308 I0.1134 J-0.3624 F900
    G03 X13.3814 Y10.0235 I79.6212 J-56.5886 F900
    G03 X13.1001 Y10.2804 I-0.2239 J0.0374 F900
    G03 X13.2529 Y11.2284 I-0.1819 J0.5156 F900
    G02 X12.7564 Y11.6798 I5.8180 J6.8986 F900
    G02 X21.0120 Y9.1595 I3.7995 J-2.3356 F900
    G03 X21.0966 Y7.9610 I18.0785 J0.6742 F900
    G03 X20.4925 Y8.2631 I-0.5697 J-0.3842 F900
    G03 X20.7532 Y7.6240 I0.9260 J0.0050 F900
    G03 X21.1175 Y7.4888 I0.3397 J0.3569 F900
    G02 X21.1383 Y7.1207 I-1.8916 J-0.2917 F900
    G02 X20.6387 Y7.2564 I-0.1931 J0.2768 F900
    G02 X20.2837 Y7.7995 I2.0460 J1.7245 F900
    G03 X19.6674 Y7.9368 I-0.3947 J-0.3201 F900
    G02 X19.0202 Y7.7161 I-1.1178 J2.2186 F900
    G02 X18.8189 Y7.7457 I-0.0555 J0.3219 F900
    G02 X19.0681 Y7.2870 I-0.4308 J-0.5312 F900
    G03 X19.2846 Y6.7308 I0.8528 J0.0117 F900
    G03 X19.8945 Y6.5897 I0.4075 J0.3725 F900
    G02 X20.4916 Y6.6746 I0.4804 J-1.2362 F900
    G02 X20.6468 Y6.2297 I-0.0596 J-0.2703 F900
    G02 X20.1730 Y6.2214 I-0.2808 J2.5085 F900
    G03 X19.6765 Y5.7249 I0.0817 J-0.5782 F900
    G03 X20.4827 Y5.8867 I0.2344 J0.9214 F900
    G02 X20.8103 Y5.9443 I0.2083 J-0.2246 F900
    G02 X20.7181 Y5.5189 I-0.2650 J-0.1653 F900
    G02 X19.4264 Y5.1575 I-1.0295 J1.1903 F900
    G02 X17.7105 Y5.9708 I0.0819 J2.3894 F900
    G02 X17.2931 Y7.1665 I1.6597 J1.2500 F900
    G01 X17.2708 Y7.3298 F900
    G01 X17.2494 Y7.4679 F900
    G03 X17.9634 Y8.1214 I0.3640 J0.3191 F900
    G03 X17.6557 Y8.2839 I-0.3546 J-0.2990 F900
    G03 X16.9033 Y8.8876 I-0.3808 J0.2960 F900
    G03 X16.8004 Y8.6321 I0.3732 J-0.2987 F900
    G01 X16.7980 Y8.5825 F900
    G01 X16.8046 Y8.5171 F900
    G01 X16.8189 Y8.4541 F900
    G03 X16.1340 Y8.0525 I-0.1967 J-0.4495 F900
    G01 X16.1314 Y8.0027 F900
    G01 X16.1340 Y7.9531 F900
    G03 X16.8189 Y7.5721 I0.4851 J0.0659 F900
    G01 X16.5989 Y7.3437 F900
    G01 X16.3015 Y7.0374 F900
    G02 X13.9582 Y6.5505 I-1.4901 J1.2892 F900
    G02 X13.2503 Y7.2763 I0.9923 J1.6758 F900
    G02 X12.9716 Y8.1763 I1.4572 J0.9444 F900
    G01 X13.0624 Y8.1550 F900
    G03 X13.1661 Y8.3256 I-0.0019 J0.1179 F900
    G02 X13.2852 Y8.2672 I0.0326 J-0.0841 F900
    G02 X13.5223 Y7.6303 I-11.2182 J-4.5380 F900
    G03 X13.9612 Y7.4228 I0.4602 J0.4054 F900
    G03 X13.8365 Y7.9778 I-0.4670 J0.1865 F900
    G02 X13.4439 Y8.3916 I1.1414 J1.4761 F900
    G03 X13.6255 Y8.3937 I0.0848 J0.5070 F900
    G03 X13.7668 Y8.6277 I-0.0535 J0.1919 F900
    G01 X13.9491 Y8.2943 F900
    G01 X14.1314 Y7.9610 F900
    G03 X14.9716 Y8.0478 I0.3513 J0.7094 F900
    G02 X15.5020 Y8.7249 I3.0277 J-1.8254 F900
    G01 X15.5558 Y8.7721 F900
    G01 X15.6140 Y8.8186 F900
    G02 X14.9561 Y9.7407 I3.1858 J2.9691 F900
    G03 X14.1557 Y9.8534 I-0.4817 J-0.5226 F900
    G01 X14.1248 Y9.8134 F900
    G01 X14.0954 Y9.7680 F900
    G00 Z2.0000 F480

    ;No. 5: Engraving 15
    G00 X12.9853 Y13.0007 Z2.0000 F2100
    G00 Z0.5000 F480
    G01 Z0.0000 F6
    G02 X11.9907 Y12.8455 Z-0.0510 I-0.5830 J0.4717 F6
    G02 X11.5592 Y13.5254 Z-0.0896 I0.4571 J0.7670 F6
    G01 X11.5550 Y13.6138 Z-0.0937 F6
    G01 X11.5592 Y13.7024 Z-0.0978 F6
    G02 X12.4782 Y14.5181 Z-0.1604 I0.8916 J-0.0789 F6
    G02 X12.9921 Y13.0081 Z-0.2500 I-0.1646 J-0.8985 F6
    G03 X12.4782 Y14.5181 Z-0.3396 I-0.6785 J0.6115 F6
    G03 X11.5592 Y13.7024 Z-0.4022 I-0.0273 J-0.8946 F6
    G01 X11.5550 Y13.6138 Z-0.4063 F6
    G01 X11.5592 Y13.5254 Z-0.4104 F6
    G03 X11.9907 Y12.8455 Z-0.4490 I0.8886 J0.0871 F6
    G03 X12.9853 Y13.0007 Z-0.5000 I0.4116 J0.6269 F6
    G02 X11.9907 Y12.8455 I-0.5830 J0.4717 F900
    G02 X11.5592 Y13.5254 I0.4571 J0.7670 F900
    G01 X11.5550 Y13.6138 F900
    G01 X11.5592 Y13.7024 F900
    G02 X12.4782 Y14.5181 I0.8916 J-0.0789 F900
    G02 X12.9853 Y13.0007 I-0.1646 J-0.8985 F900
    G00 Z2.0000 F480
    G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 F2100



    Mike Atencio

    I’m going to copy your code and see what happens.


    Mike Atencio

    Okay. Sorry. I had to delete and copy the new code. It worked. I learned my Z was backward and that my XY were in the wrong slots. Those all fixed and yes the crown printed fine now. So I screwed it up when I used ESTLCAM somehow. I’m going to have to figure out WTH happened. Lots of learning but at least the axis are going the right direction now.



    Your Z moves are at 0.1mm/s it is moving but will take a week or two to finish.

    Have a look at your plunge and rapids for Z, You are looking for 4mm/s or so to start.

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    Mike Atencio

    I went back and remade the crown file. When I select ENGRAVE it makes this large yellow selection instead of the yellow outline on the image on V1. Why is mine so much wider? How can I make it smaller to be like your picture?



    I faked a tool diameter of 0.1mm



    Depending on your grid size though that crown looks pretty small.

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    Mike Atencio

    That’s what it was. I changed to setup to inches and it’s working. I’m going to bed and start again in the morning with clear eyes and brain. Thanks

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