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    I built a MPCNC plasma cutter. It went together really well and if I did run into a problem the forums had a solution. I built it for a class in school for genius hour.

    Here is a video of it running.

    Thank you for designing the CNC.



    Dude, High five!

    You need to give us some details, super stoked to see this and I have been itching to build one myself.



    Yes… I would like to know more about how your plasma cutter and how your triggering it.



    I want to set up my MPCNC to run a 2D pattern from a sketch I would draw. Doll house parts. Can any one suggest a simple drawing program, a program to create the g code, and how to use repetier to run my MPCNC. How do I disconnect the temperature requirements for the extruded? How do I change the code to control the router off and
    on? Do I reload this to the Arduino? Will the 3D aspects of the software make it difficult?
    Any help would be appreciated.



    @Rand, check out the vicious1 tutorials. If that’s​ not enough info, maybe make a topic of your own.



    I used Estlcam
    go to setup at the top
    CNC Programs/Texts/Laser,plasma,water jet etc.
    Start Cut
    M106 (Close relay on D9)
    g4 s0.7
    End Cut
    M107 Open relais on D9
    I used 12V dc coil relay on D9 to switch torch.

    Amazon link



    Why am I the only loser who cannot make it work?….

    I really need to give it a try again… XD



    what files did you use for the printed parts?

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