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    Mike K

    Trying to build my first MPCNC, read the instructions so many times but somehow I swear it was ABS recommended when in fact it’s PLA.  I’ve already printed maybe half the parts.  Are there any concerns using ABS?  I find I have way less print issues with ABS than PLA as PLA curls for me a lot.  I’m using a qidi tech 1, fully enclosed for ABS.

    Also can someone explain the difference between the regular Rambo and the mini?  I want to order a parts package but I’m not sure why I’d need the more expensive one over the mini.



    ABS should work fine, typically it’s harder to print with but in your case that doesn’t seem to fit. The RAMBO has five drivers, so can be used for dual endstop builds where you use E0 and E1 for the X1 and Y1 feedback. The MiniRAMBO has only four drivers, so fine for standard MPCNC or MP2DP builds, but no good for the dual endstop version. Most people don’t need to get the full blown version, since dual endstops aren’t needed.

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