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    As some of yall might have seen in my other post, I run a machine and welding metal fabrication shop. Well I knew inevitably I would design my own router using the equipment I have.

    First I want to thank Ryan for his awesome and very capable machines, he has brought cnc routers(and etc) to the masses where you hardly even need any tools to build. I wish we could make the MPCNC as popular as Cricut vinyl cutters, every woman I know has one of these now days because how cheap and easy to run they have become. As crafty as people want to be, cutting wood signs and stuff, I could see it exploding like vinyl cutters did in the last 5 years or so. Anyways to the topic at hand.

    I thought about the machines I had and what I could do to make my own design and google came back with ideas that were matching what I had in my head so as impatient as I am I went to building and this little gallery is where I am at so far.


    I went with the same Nema 23 269 oz motors I used on the old torch I got back running, these are pretty amazing little motors for $20.

    I wanted to steer away from belts, so I laser cut out of 1/4 stainless a rack and pinion system that has been working awesome.

    I still got a few things I want to do, I got to brace my table up some more, Ive had to turn the acceleration and rapid speed down to keep it from swaying the table, still though right now I am rapiding at 350 inches per minute but it can do 600 ipm.

    I have not pushed the speed of cutting to the limit yet either, I am cutting .25 inch doc at 100 ipm in 1/2 birch plywood and it seems to not even know the material is there. Once I get the table braced I will push it, I would like to get at least 150 ipm, eventually I think my spindle will limits this, not sure how hard I can push this dewalt.

    I just want to thank Ryan again, you unlocked a love for wood working and machine building in me.





    What a beast! That looks like a lot of fun.



    Holy cow how did I miss this!?!  Looks pretty sweet and I like a lot of the design choices you have made.

    Thanks for all the kind words.

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