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    Matt Griese

    Thanks for reading. I have looked around and haven’t found the answer. If you can point me in the right direction I’d be appreciative.

    I can manually control the X, Y & Z axis. When attempting the crown the first move picks ups>moves>drops to the paper>draws a line>then pauses, the X & Y seem to be attempting to move but they are not. I have flipped all the wires around as I have seen things could be backward, I either get the same result or the result of if the Z is backward.

    A bit of back story. I printed and bought the parts to the MPCNC over a year ago. I have noticed a lot of updates. I bought everything but the LCD controller in a package from here and printed the printable parts myself.

    Mini-Rambo 1.3a

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    Are you using my gcode or did you make your own?


    Matt Griese

    Hi. Thank you for responding. I thought I deleted this. I got it to work. Started with a fresh day and from scratch. Now i just got to balance it.


    To answer your question tho i was just following your steps. So your gcode produced in estlcam

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    It does look like you ought to be updating to the latest firmware, yours is pretty old. Not that it would make a difference with your issue. 🙂

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