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    hello fellow cnc-smiths!


    here is a small introduction to my build!


    all the parts are printed on a glorified toy, the xyz mini maker!


    i’ve bought the printer for €104 on sale.

    To be honest, the prints are not that bad! I’ve made some good replacement parts for my restaurant-equipment.


    always wanted to have a cnc-router for woodworking and making the paterns for aluminium-casting.


    the build is un-documented, sorry!

    but there are pics of the finished router:


    The dimensions are:

    600x400x120 mm.

    Momentarely mounted with a cheap multitool i had lying around.


    after some stupid human mistakes the machine runs as it’s supposed to! (Well, it shouldn’t surpise me the quality of the workpieces are not good when you don’t screw the router to the table…)


    try to keep you posted with projects!


    greets from Pieter, the Netherlands



    Hi Pieter,

    Nice looking machine!

    Where did you buy the tubes and which material are they?

    I went to the Praxis here in the Netherlands and they only have central heating pipes, and the standard sizes are 15mm and 22mm. Besides, they were all so bent that I didn’t even consider using them.

    So I bought 27mm aluminium tubes instead, and I am adapting the plastic parts to that.  The aluminium pipes seem to be much stiffer (and lighter) than the 22mm steel pipes. However, after buying them, I read in the FAQ that aluminium will wear quickly…





    Hi Peter!


    i’ve bought the pipes from Lasaulec. They are situated mostly in the North.

    it’s 25mm o.d. Precision pipe, 2mm wall thickness. They cut the parts to size for me.

    it’s not that expensive too, aprox €17 per 6 meters…


    good luck and feel free to ask!



    Thanks Pieter!



    they cut it to size (accurately) and send it. Reasonably priced.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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