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    Hi all. I finished by build a few weeks ago and thanks to the great design and assembly guide from Ryan and pointers on this forum, it all went together without issue.  I couldn’t be happier with it.

    As you will see in the photo below, I have cut out some lettering from plywood, which worked well and now forms part of my cable routing.  However, I think I’ll be using it for more intricate work mainly.

    I’ve bought a 5W laser from China which has plenty of power to cut through 3mm plywood.  I’ve so far used this to cut out the parts for a bridge I’m building (photo below) and engraved a photo.

    I’ve also had reasonable results milling a PCB, this is something which I’ll be spending more time on in the future.

    Thanks again Ryan for making this cool machine available for free.

    Cheers, Tim.

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    What settings are you using for your laser?



    Awesome build!

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    What settings are you using for your laser?

    In terms of power and speed I have found the following settings to work for me:

    Material Operation Laser power Cutting speed mm/min Passes
    3mm Birch ply Engrave photograph 10% – 90% variable 1000 1
    3mm Birch ply Cut 100% 190 2
    2mm card Cut 100% 300 4
    1mm card Cut 100% 400 2
    0.5mm card Cut 80% 500 1

    I have the laser focused on the surface from around 30mm above.

    I am using GRBL 1.1 on an Arduino clone with CNC shield V3. The cheap as chips approach! lol … but it works.

    When engraving photographs I use a program called LaserGRBL and set it as above with approx 4 scan lines per mm.

    For cutting out shapes, such as for the bridge. I first designed the whole bridge in FreeCAD, exported the faces as flat svg files. Then I used Inkscape to arrange the parts and finally, a slightly tweaked* version of, the Inkscape Laser Plugin from J Tech Photonics.

    *I changed it to remove all the stopping and starting of the laser M5 / M3 surrounding G0 moves, to instead just turn on the laser with M4 at the start of the file and turning off at the end. This then allows the gcode to make use of GRBL’s laser mode.

    I mainly use Universal GCode Sender to transmit the GCODE to the arduino, but have also used Candle which is ok – but not quite as stable, even with a low rate of polling, in my experience.



    Cioa Tim
    congratulations great job ….. !!!!!
    I am writing from Italy and I apologize for my English.
    I too am in the process of receiving my 5W laser bought on bangood.
    What kind of card are you using? I am an Arduino 2560 with Ramps 1.4.
    I honestly don’t know how to connect it, currently on my MPCNC a 500W spindle is installed and command both the starting of the spindle and the suction from the door D9 with the commands M106-M107.
    In your opinion on which output I can connect the laser.
    Thank you for your time.


    Bradley Stump

    Nice build! I’m waiting for some parts from China , hope I finish my work soon

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